Enough: My Mother's Day Wish

I am enough... It doesn't matter if I nurse or I bottle feed. If I circumcised or chose not toI am enough. I don't care if I make my baby's food or strut down the isle to the nearest supermarket and grab whatever is on sale. I am enough. Do you know that whether I labored for 40 hours or flew for 12 to pick up my baby: I am enough?

If I get up every morning, drop my kid off at daycare/grandmas or school to then spend the day missing them at work: I am still enough. I can stay at home and work my fingers to the bone wiping noses, butts and countertops. Do you know what I am? Enough. Or I can do both and feel completely exhausted. And it would still be enough.

I can homeschool, or sit the kid in front of the TV. I can have a home cooked meal every day or heat up some leftovers or crack open a can of spaghetti. And, I'd still be enough.

I could not have energy to get out of bed and still figure out a way to get the kid fed, clothed and his diaper changed. Because, I am enough. I can cry at the horrible day I've had and still feel an amazing sense of gratefulness and love when my kid wraps her arms around my neck and tells me she loves me. I am enough to her.

I am enough to me. And that's exactly how it should be.

Regardless of what the magazines says, or what the TV reports. I want you to know that YOU ARE ENOUGH. Because everything we do, think and feel is out of love and no level of judgement will ever diminish that force.

Don't forget that Mamis Are Like Snowflakes. And from the bottom of my heart I wish you a Happy Mother's Day.