Mami's Favorite Things: Time to Play!


Every once in a while, I come across things that make me do a little jig. You might think this happens all the time since I tell you about it when it does happen but I’m here to tell you, that’s not the case. I have a set of brown paper bags that I had ready for the Christmas season. I have a list of reasons but one of them was certainly trying to figure out what to get the frog princess and then trying to figure out where I’d be getting it.

Enter Time to Play. Can I just tell you how much I pink puffy heart them? I went on their site a few weeks ago and the frog princess and I spent over a half hour just watching videos of their toy reviews. I also got to take some notes as she expressed interest in some of the items we saw. It made me feel better that I had a go-to place where I could get good information on toys. Also, it made me think I need to go work for them. They really play with all of these toys and put them through the ringer to make sure that we have all of the information we need to make our purchase.

Because they’re cool like that and want to help a sistah out a little further (yes, this is all because of me. You’re welcome), they recently did 2 awesome things:

Price comparison tool:

Now I can go to Time to Play and not only check out reviews toys, games, video games, books, infant products, sporting goods and more BUT I can easily see who has the best deals! This means that I don’t have to run around going to different websites and trying to do my own comparisons. Which saves me time and stress because (ssshhh, don’t tell anyone) I highly dislike shopping for anything that doesn’t include gadgets/toys for myself. This is what it looks like:

Comparison Tool

PS: I really want a Doc McStuffins doll. You know, for the frog princess! I kinda dig the fact that it also shows you who has the toy in stock. Because nothing’s more frustrating than finding a good deal only to find they no longer have the item.

Bilingual Toys

The folks over at Time to Play have put together their first ever Top Bilingual Toys list, revealing the seven toys chosen by the Time to Play editorial team as those which offer the most valuable play experience in two languages. All I can say is: insert dancing jig in 2 languages here.

I certainly am going to get good use of that list. While there are some toys out there that have certain words in Spanish, it is difficult to find quality bilingual toys.  Going through the list, I think I know one thing that my frog princess will be getting from Santa. She told me she wants a pink present (um, now I have to find pink wrapping paper). And inside that present she told me she wants a baby doll with a pink shirt. Enter Baby Alive Baby All Gone!

The Bilingual Toy category joins categories such as Action Figures, Dolls, Educational Toys, Video Games, Infant Products, Apps, and more.  Needless to say, I’ve logged in a few hours of time on this site.

Here’s my problem right now. I want everything I see on the site! And yes, I’ll admit that some of the toys are for me to play with. Hey, I never said I grew up, did I?

With thousands of in-depth product reviews and a new price comparison tool which tracks product inventory and prices at five major retailers, AND their new Bilingual Toys category, is the one-stop resource for fulfilling a child’s wish list this holiday season. The popular website is also now available in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, and German.

The folks at Time To Play seem to think that you guys want to win some toys this week. So, I give you a giveaway of the Baby Alive Baby All Gone and a Furby! I am going to tell you a secret: I might enter my own giveaway. Is that wrong? Don’t judge me, I really want these!



Check out Time to Play on Twitter for their weekly #TimetoPlayLive Twitter parties chock full of prizes. And don’t forget to stop by their Facebook page for some cool giveaways.

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Disclosure: I attended a Time to Play luncheon in Orlando. But y'all know it takes more than free food to get me to talk about a product or company. All thoughts and excited commentary are purely my own.

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