Mi Hyland's

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post (and I'm wearing yoga pants while I write this) I have been pretty lucky with the frog princess as far as her health is concerned. Especially when she was a baby.

Or so I think. In speaking to my girlfriends who have recently had a baby, I am beginning to recall the minor tummy issues early on in my baby's life as well as the gum itching that had me sure my girl would have a mouth full of teeth by her 6th month. Ah, mami brain. You sneaky, sneaky hormone-filled gray matter you.

I'm glad that the memories have come back because 1. they serve as great birth control and 2. it allows me to help my friends out (if they ask for help). Usually there's only one word that comes out of my mouth: Hyland's.

Your baby has colic? Hyland's.

The kid is teething? Hyland's.

Want some vitamin C? Hyland's.

Is there a little coughing going on in there? Hyland's.

I've been making good use of the cough syrup with the frog princess lately thanks to this little allergy stint she's been experiencing. It's so successful that she asks me for medicine when she starts coughing and refers to the "blue box" when requesting some.

For over a century, Hyland's has produced homeopathic medicines using the highest quality natural ingredients and in accordance with FDA Good Manufacturing Practices. So the girl likes it and I like it too so, it's a win win!

This post is partially being written so that I don't get any more calls/texts/emails about recommendations. Be advised, friends, that should I get a question having to do with what to use for your baby, you will be referred to this post as I may be too lazy to type Hyland's in reply (don't judge me).

And because I don't want you to think I'm a horrible person because I no longer want to answer your questions when you ask for a recommendation, I'm giving away a Hyland's basket so there's no question as to what you need to use.

Simply like my page, which I know you already do, am I right? Fill in some info (name, blood type, wine preference,DNA sample...I keed, I keed) and be entered to win ONE of TWO baskets with all of these goodies inside!

  • Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets, 135 ct. (Approximate Retail Value (ARV)):  $8.49
  • Hyland’s Baby Teething Gel, .33 oz. (ARV):  $7.49
  • Hyland’s Baby Colic Tablets 125 ct. (ARV):  $6.27
  • Hyland’s Baby Tiny Cold Tablets 125 ct. (ARV):  $8.49
  • Hyland’s Baby Cough Syrup 4 oz. (ARV):  $8.49
  • Hyland’s Baby Vitamin C Tablets 125 ct. (ARV):  $7.25
  • Hyland’s Baby Infant Earache Drops 0.33 oz (ARV):  $8.52
  • Hyland’s Baby Diaper Ointment 2.5 oz. (ARV):  $7.04

Hylands-Spanish_Flyer #1

Contest ends at 11:59 AM on Wednesday July 3rd so you better hurry! Oh and check back here on Wednesday after the contest ends for a little surprise! See, I'm not that bad, right?

Disclosure: Hyland's provided me with product samples and will be providing the baskets that are being given away. All text, thoughts, opinions and refusal to want to keep answering the same question, are purely my own.