A Princess That Plays Like a Girl


Disclosure: this is a sponsored post. I've been fighting the gender demons since I announced to the world that I was having a girl.

Don't get me wrong, I think I might be considered a girly girl. I love nice clothes (though I don't love to shop), I love nice hair (though I don't like doing it myself) and recently I've even started painting my nails. I danced at Harlem School of the Arts as a girl and have a deep love of the artistic form. I can look rather "feminine" but being a slight feminist means that I've never wanted to be just a girl. And I certainly didn't want that for the frog princess.

I love football. Every Sunday I fret over my fantasy line up. I run an all-girl fantasy football league. And my proudest moment was when my girl sat in front of the TV during preseason and actually didn't want the channel to be changed.

At almost 4, I started explaining the game to her. I mean it's kinda hilarious as she yells at the screen telling the defensive line it's not nice to push and cheers on the refs when she hears they're putting those guys on timeout. Ah yes! We have a long road ahead.

I have struggled to keep the princesses out of this house. But somehow, they have waltzed their way in. Her nursery wasn't pink and yet she announced at age 2 that it was her favorite color. And while she has very few dolls, she is now talking about them regularly.

But I've never met a more competitive kid. Errr...she doesn't get it from me. I blame her dad. He used to run track in college and so as a good Mami, I make a game out of her jumping across cracks as we walk as I train her for the long jump. We also dance around the house as ballerinas.

I love the idea that she can (and does) do it all. I've learned to allow her to be herself (all pink and princessy and sparkles) knowing that she has many different interests and continually exposing her to all of those things which people have traditionally thought of as "for boys". Like, she wants trains for Christmas. There's a balance in there.

Which is why I love the Verizon FiOS Football Girl videos.  Do you know about FiOS? With 100% Fiber Optic FiOS empowers you to take your football experience to new heights. With great connection, no pixelation during a play, HD and all around best picture quality, FiOS will help you play like with the big boys.


This video is EVERYTHING! This looks like something I'd do. And the last line? Captured my heart!


I don't want to put on any limitations on my girl. Ever. And I get the feeling that anyone that tries will get something akin to what that adorable girl did in the video. Her competitive nature means she comes home and strategizes on how to beat her male schoolmates in races.

There's no way she's not going to play sports. And she will bring that same intensity that she uses when trying to figure out a puzzle or writing out her name or yes, figuring out what dress should go on a doll. And when she steps on to the court or the field of whatever sport she will play, I will be on the sidelines. Waiting to see her play like a girl.


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Pretty awesome, right?

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Verizon. The opinions and text are all mine.