The 2015 Kia Sorento & How Two Sisters Fell In Love

This is the story of a double review. I had lots of thoughts of rescheduling my surgery over the summer and the possibility that it wouldn't happen at all and so, there was a car scheduled to enter my life and it happened to have been the same week as my surgery. Which is the ONLY reason titi Q got a chance to drive this beauty. I've struggled with this review. Because driving that Kia Sorento reminded me of all the things I am looking for in a car (and how I currently don't have them). I've secretly hated on this Kia all this time. 

There's nothing about this car that I did not love (except that it wouldn't be staying permanently in my driveway). I've driven other SUV's in this class and I can say that the Kia leaves nothing to the competition. They brought it with this 2015 Sorento

On the technology side, the Sorento features the UVO hands-free eServices infotainment system which I also found in the Soul. I loved that the car could read me my text messages if I was driving and found that the system understood what I was saying (which I've had an issue with in other cars).


Having had my mirrors assaulted in the past, I took special note of the power fold side mirrors that allows you to protect them from a runaway cart or a careless driver.

The panoramic sunroof always does it to me. Again, something I found in the Soul but with the roomy interior in the Sorento, it felt like I could make this my home office. I think it gave the car the feel of being much larger than it is (don't get me wrong, it's extra roomy for sure).

I loved the 3rd row seating. I got to drive a mid-sized SUV and still got the perks of one of the crazy big ones (are they like full-sized SUV's?).


Yes please! I will say that if I'm traveling with a full car (seats 7) I won't have loads of room for bags. BUT, I can always throw one of those cargo thingies on top (yay!). Yes, people, I'm planning road trips in this Sorento. What does that tell you?

I had only a couple of days with this beauty but it was enough for my daughter to give me the side eye when we got back into our small SUV and say "Can we get the other car? I don't have any space for my legs." Of course, this meant that while my sister came into town to help nurse me back to health after surgery, she got to enjoy the Sorento as well. This is what she had to say.

Titi Q:

Since moving to DC, I've become so much more aware of my carbon footprint. I choose walking or public transportation over driving and enjoy it. 

...wait...that's not true. It's all a lie. The truth is, I'm deathly afraid of driving in the city because people are maniacs. I dread parallel parking for what seems like an eternity and the great waltz that is the four way stop sign - "You go..I go...You go...I go...crash". So I avoid it all's so much easier this way and I retain more hair on my head by doing so. 

So, it was an absolute shock when I visited my big Sis earlier this year and got a chance to drive a car she let me borrow. This city mouse fell in love...and his name was Sorento

The Sorento was everything I missed about Florida - spacious, stylish, great for a beach day or road trip. Excellent for a rainy day and also a sunny day. It's the car I imagine driving my imaginary 2.5 children in to soccer practice and dance camp. This is the car I could have my cross country misadventures in, to Mount Rushmore, Yellow Stone and the Grand Canyon!  It's the car I can lean back in on a summer night and stare up at the sky to watch the planes fly over 528, while INSIDE the car...air conditioned.

The Pricing:

Yes, I figured you'd want to know this. The LX starts at $24,100 (this is the base model). The EX model starts at $26,600 and includes third row seat (win!). Then we get up to the SX which starts at $36,700 and finally the bombdiggity edition (they call it the SX Limited) starts at $39,900. Some of the price differences are around that 3rd row seat and a slightly bigger engine and of course, the trimmings. I think the Sorento offers a big bang for your buck and yes, I have added a picture of this bad boy on to my vision board for 2015.

Disclosure: I was provided a 2015 Kia Sorento in order to facilitate this review.