Can You Help Nap Ford Elementary?


Before we go any further, the answer to the question above is YES. I recently heard about Nap Ford Elementary. I am ashamed to say that while I’d heard of the school, I did not know the story behind it. Since I tell stories, I always find this to be important. Well, I've made up for lost time and now, I want to tell you a little story of my own.

Last week I received a flyer asking me to Party with a Purpose (don’t you love that?). I haven’t partied in a while (I think maybe BlogHer was the last time). But I read this flyer and it made me want to run out and dance, drink & hang out with my friends while at the same time hug the people putting this together.clip_image002

I’m a firm believer of “It Takes a Village” and if this isn’t the poster child for that saying, I don’t know what is.

Nap Ford is a classic example of what can happen when a community comes together for the purpose of helping kids.  In a school where 98% of the student body lives at or below poverty level how else can you explain it going from an “F” school to an “A” school in JUST ONE YEAR?

How did they do it? With help!

It took the help of devoted teachers, staff and parents who knew that the students of Nap Ford were capable of achieving greatness.  The school needed to improve needed help and no option was off the table.  The school day was extended by an hour which offered students tutoring opportunities in Science, Technology and Math. Teachers volunteered to teach on Saturday and parents became more involved.  The entire community could feel that something great was happening. The school was able to accomplish what many felt couldn’t be done going from one of the lowest ranking schools in the state to one of the top performers. 

Some may say that this was a fluke but, if you’re from the same frame of thinking that I am, you know that this was accomplished because of intent and purpose. And because of people like you and me doing the work in the community. So when I’m asked to help this school because they can’t do it alone, I’m moved to action.

And yes, they are having a party to raise the funds but guess what? If you are not local, you can send in your donation and lend a helping hand. If you are a business and want to be a sponsor, have no fear! There’s room for you too because we all know that local businesses are a big part of local communities.


I know that I am buying a ticket to this event because it’s important for me to support my community. Will you help? Let’s keep the momentum from last year going and see the true heights that these kids can reach!

Let’s support these teachers, parents and students. I believe every child deserves a quality education despite their circumstances. Don’t you?

To purchase tickets for the fundraiser, get details about sponsorship packages or to make a donation, please visit

Can you spare $10 to change the life of a child for generations to come?

It Takes a Village

Disclosure: this post was sponsored by my broken heart as I think of what could’ve happened if a community hadn’t stepped forth to help these kids out.