I'm Charged, Are You?

By now you probably know that I have launched my very own company, Mami Ink Media.  I offer services in digital marketing (social media management, etc) as well as writing and editing services.  I love both of these crafts that I have been able to develop with the passing of time.  The third thing I offer on the site is called dream coaching and this I'm extra passionate about.

Being a big believer in "there's no such thing as coincidence" I was given the opportunity of reading and reviewing Brendon Burchard's latest book. When I saw the title and the topic, I laughed out loud and immediately accepted to read and tell you about this little nugget of gold.

It all came together as I was launching my site and looking ahead at not just keeping myself motivated and charged but, as a dream coach, keeping you inspired in the pursuit of your dreams.

From the first pages of this book, I immediately identified, recognized and understood what Brendon was talking about.

There was a sentence that made made stop, right at the beginning of the book, because it's something I've talked about here on the blog and that I engage in conversation with you all on.  "When you can't see past your own day planner, it's hard to see the cumulative reality of who you have become and where you are headed." Isn't that deep? Because it's true.

The book goes on to talk about the three different lives that we might be leading: the caged life which he explains is the type of life where we live either in the past or in the expectation of others (raise my hand to this one). The comfortable life (which we have all had the choice of living at some point in time or another and which I think to a certain extent, everyone is striving for though they might not exactly know what it is to be in it). And finally the charged life.  I think I've had a little of the first two.

And I think that in the last months, after being let go of a job that I pursued for years, after losing my mom to cancer and losing my partner to a missed connection I have reached the charged life.  "Am I living my truth and actualizing my potential? Am I living an inspired life and inspiring others?"  I can now answer this question a resounding YES!

What I love about this book is that it not only paints a picture of the type of life that you might be leading now but it gives you the tools to get charged and to reach your potential.  This book has now gone into my Resources page over at Mami Ink because I firmly believe that if you are trying to do something you've never done before and pursuing your dreams, The Charge will give you further insight to get there and will provide a the motivation you need when I'm not around to give it to you as your dream coach.

The Charge takes you through 5 basic drives (control, competence, congruence, caring and connection) and then leads you through the 5 forward drives (change, challenge, creative expression, contribution and consciousness).  Brendon makes the very realistic comment that we will never completely master all of these drives but by understanding them we will be better equipped to improv,e to active them and in turn, lead a more charged life.

I was already charged with the responses I received on Friday when I launched Mami Ink Media.  I am so glad I had this book to get me to hone in on the things that I need to keep my focus on as I go through this journey.

The best part about this, though? I now get to give you a chance to get charged as well!  Don't you want to go on this journey with me? You do. I know it!

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