Hey, Bebe Lanugo, #GetOnTheShelf!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post I got my first glimpse at the Bebe Lanugo products at Hispanicize conference. And I was immediately excited.  You see, when the frog princess was a wee one, I'd searched for cute outfits that might say a word or two en español and didn't find much.

And here was Lanugo with outfits, wall decor and much more.  I remember smiling fondly at some of the phrases because I recalled them from my own childhood. These clothes had authentic Spanish sayings as a way to introduce them to the next generation.

I had an extensive chat with Carla, owner of Bebe Lanugo, I was hooked on the vision. First, she's a mamipreneur like yours truly. And then, her purpose for this company was much more than just a clothing line or wall decor or tote bags. It was ingrained in a passion for passing on her culture to her kids.

Those of us that live within two cultures struggle with this. Knowing that we were raised in one and acclimated in another but understanding that our children are deeply rooted and surrounded in the American culture. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I just hope to be able to pass on this other culture that resides within me, to the frog princess.

I think it's important for her to have access to both cultures readily. And I love that I can now help do that with some of the Lanugo products.

Her favoritest thing (and mine too) has been her personalized CD. Original songs in Spanish that make your child part of the adventure. As she has been wanting to speak more and more Spanish, this has been one of my go-to resources. It gets played just about every morning. And every morning I get a lesson in translation as the song plays: "mami, that's me!" "Cancion means song!" "Pajaritos means bird". It brightens my day because it's a glimpse at how her brain is taking in this bicultural environment that I've chosen to raise her in.

And now, there's a chance that many more people will find and fall in love with Bebe Lanugo. Walmart's Get On the Shelf contest is giving businesses a chance to submit their products for a chance to win a spot on Walmart shelves. How cool is that? And the best part? You get a chance to make that happen by voting daily from now until September 2!


Disclosure: this is a sponsored post. All opinions, thoughts and repetitive daily singing are purely my own.