Trick or Cheetos

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All poetic sassiness, snacking-hiding, finger-licking, and house TP’ing are purely my own. Cheetos-Bag-of-BonesI got a bag of bones and I did not share I kept them for myself, isn’t that a scare?

I ate some bag of bones throughout my day While my kid was in school engaged in play

I’m happy that I put them in my mouth Even if my appetite has traveled south

You can’t beat the bag of bones for a spooky snack Hoping next Halloween these limited-time treats will be back

Yes folks! I am all about the poetry these days. Mainly because I so rarely get to experience snackage allmebymeself as the frog princess used to say.

I consider this research. Yummy, cheesy, delicious research.


I like to hand out non-traditional treat during Halloween. Giving away a bag of limited-edition, glow-in-the-dark Cheetos Bag of Bones is like the ultimate win for me. And at a suggested retail price of $5 for a 30-count bag, I’m winning again!

Yes, I played with these while I ate them. Don’t judge me!

But this is about more than the yummy treats I’ll be handing out. This is about pranks and general shenanigans. It’s Halloween, after all. I miss the trick part of the holiday. So much so that I sprinted to the Cheetos Halloween hub to get inspired. I mean I want to decorate the house but more than that, I want to bring all of the funness and trickery back into my life. After all, I have an example to set, people!

Mami set a good example for me. That woman was the ultimate prankster and I was here for it! The one I always heard about happened at parks during lunch when she was younger (and child-free), finding a poor unsuspecting soul and then speaking to said soul as if she knew him. She would joke and ask about family etc. If the stranger looked confused, she would laugh and tell him, oh I’m not telling you who I am, don’t you remember? And on and on it went. Folks would give her just enough clues to keep the rouse going. I’m convinced there are a few traumatized folks walking around this earth thanks to her pranks. And I totally want to follow in her steps.

Which I think is why I’m a fan of Chester. He’s too cool for school and I’d like to think of him as the prince of pranks, the coach of chaos, the master of all things mischievous. Basically, he’s who I want to be when I grow up.

Unleashing My Inner Mischief

The site offers many inspirational encouragements. I may or may not have TP’d my dad’s house (don’t judge me!). And perhaps, an ex or two (I’m not tellin’!). The best part? You get to share it with others without running the risk of misdemeanor charges.

Trick or Cheetos

And the better part? I plan on doing more!

Tell me: do you think handing out these bags is a good idea? And, what tricks/pranks are you planning to work into Halloween?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cheetos. Tracking Pixel