Mami Drives: 2014 Kia Forte

Disclosure: I was provided a vehicle for 1 week in order to write this review Foxy was delivered to me on a bright sunny day. She was a beautiful shade of blue (Abyss blue, to be exact) and seemed to whisper "drive me".

And drive I did!


The first thing I thought when I sat in the car was that this is what the cast from The Fast and Furious movies must feel like. I felt like a racecar driver.  You know, if racecar drivers had a Britax in the backseat.

I dug the space in the vehicle AND the feel of it. The moonroof became essential when we went to see fireworks as we had to remain in the car due to post traumatic fireworks syndrome.

What I Loved!

Remember how I told you guys before that I thought it was crazy to have heated seats WITHOUT cooling ones because I live in Florida and hate to burn my buns in the summer? Foxy came equipped with a ventilated driver's seat! If you're not excited about this then obviously, you've never suffered 2nd degree burns in the summertime.

I also loved the bluetooth wireless technology. The thing that had me giddy? Foxy actually understood what I was saying! I cannot tell you how many times I've sat in a car and given commands only to have it say something completely different. Is it me?! Well now because of Foxy I can say: NO!

And then there are the connections. A blogger's dream! Do I have to say anything else?

The frog princess was particularly fond of the camera when we were in reverse and frankly, so was I. We shant speak of runaway animals that like to hang out behind my vehicles.

Speaking of running over things: the side mirrors close in to avoid the dreaded "someone hit the side of my car and there went my side mirrors" thing. Again, we shant speak in detail of this.

Seriously, I was pleasantly impressed by the makeup of this car and the way it handled. I recall sending an email and letting people know that if I got pulled over it would be Kia's fault. I wonder if could've sent them my ticket as an expense. Not that I sped or anything. This is all hypothetical, of course.

What I did not love

There was one thing on here that I wasn't fond of. I hear it's something that more cars are now opting for but, I still don't love. The spare tire. Or lack thereof. It comes with a tire repair kit. I think this bothers me because I am actually pretty awesome at changing tires and would like to showcase this little-used title whenever possible. This wouldn't be a dealbreaker for me but, I wanted you to know.

In Conclusion

All in all, I liked the Forte. There was enough room in the trunk for probably 1.5 bodies all of your groceries and then some. It drove well and looked pretty sweet. I had a few people stop me to ask what year it was and a few that questioned it being a Kia (even though there was the emblem, front and center). If you are looking for a sweet car that will cool your butt while looking hot on the road, you should definitely test drive a Forte before making a final purchasing decision.

Disclosure: I was provided a vehicle for 1 week in order to write this review. All thoughts, butt cooling conversation and frog princess commentaries are purely our own