19 Free Valentine's Day Fonts


It never fails! I am always running around at the last minute making Valentine's Day cards. For my friends, you ask? No. For the Frog Princess and her class. Because nothing says I love you like frantic searches for heart shaped things that aren't candy or cookies the night before you're supposed to deliver them. And because I'm all type A, I always want beautiful swirly heart-shaped fonts. I'm a step ahead this year and I'm helping y'all out. And...this is a poem I wrote EONS ago. I thought I'd share some prose along with the pretty fonts. You're welcome!


1. True Stories | 2. DJB Jacked Up | 3. Emily's Candy | 4. Loverboy | 5. Vanessa's Valentine | 6. MC Sweetie Hearts | 7. Fiolex Girls | 8. Janda Swirly Twirly | 9. I Love What You Do | 10. Lavanderia regular | 11. Cookie Monster | 12. KB Bonjour Sweetheart | 13. Fool For Love | 14. Love Letters | 15. Jellyka Love & Passion | 16. Dinosaurs Are Alive | 17. Cute Love | 18. Gust of Wind | 19. Vbdings Two

I'm working on a Sway for all my fonts. Don't know what I Sway is? Well, I guess you'll have to come back and find out, eh? (sign up to get updates via email)