Around Town: Bonefish

In an effort to escape cooking (mainly because I detest grocery shopping & having to figure out a menu prior to said shopping gets done) I have decided to just try to eat my way around Orlando. It’s been working pretty well. Except that I think I can stop going to different places because last week, my belly was won over when I went to the newest Bonefish location. If you are in town visiting the parks then this Kissimmee location is where you need to go. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Bonefish and so this was definitely a treat. Add to that the fact that I was meeting up with Myrah and Yadira and it was my idea of a night out with friends. The (ex)man came along but, that’s another story for another blog.

Let me start by saying that I’m the type of person that would be happy with tapas. Appetizers is the fastest way to my heart and so Bonefish immediately won me over with the following selections (warning, I am not responsible for you being seen drooling while reading this post).

The bang bang shrimp were, well, a bang! Just the right amount of spices and they were as crispy as they look.


This was probably my favorite surprise. The ahi tuna sashimi was top grade and above board. I am a sushi lover and I have had this dish in many a non-sushi restaurant. I am here to tell you that this is the best I’ve ever had. It was so meaty and fresh. Seriously, top grade.


The Mussels Josephine were superb. Very flavorful. And that lemon wine sauce was perfect to dip some bread into. And dip I did!


By the time this corn chowder came out I wasn’t sure I was going to make it. But once I tasted it, I didn’t want to stop even though I knew I still had the main courses coming out. Rich and flavorful, perfect for the fall and with visible chunks of crab, this corn chowder tops my comfort foods list for the season.

Winter Special

So I needed something to cleanse my palate and so, enter this little bad boy. Come to find out Bonefish has seasonal drinks and I had the pleasure of trying out their winter white cosmo which definitely made me want to go home and put up a tree. Ok, I lied. It made me want to go home and chill on my couch next to a tree. For those of you wondering what is in it, I got the recipe for you! It’s cranberry stoli, frozen cranberries, cuattro, homemade lime simple syrup and white cranberry juice. Be sure to have this waiting for me when I come to visit. Please and thank you.

What can I tell you about the main courses at Bonefish? They are definitely shareable especially if you decide you want to pig out on appetizers (which I totally recommend).

By the time the main courses came out, I was slightly delirious with fullness but I had to try these so I could tell you about them. I’ll send you my bill for stretchy pants later.  From the swordfish to the stuffed tilapia. I had nothing that I did not love.


This is the swordfish served with pumpkin ravioli and a side of carrots. This fish was thick like a steak and just as juicy and flavorful. The pumpkin ravioli was a treat as I hadn’t had them before. They paired perfectly with the savory fish.

Stuffed Tilapia

The stuffed tilapia was probably my favorite main course. I love capers and they definitely added a little extra hmmph to the dish. And potatoes augratin. Need I say more?

Smothered Chop

If you like pork chops then this is the dish for you! I am going to be completely honest and tell you that I had only one bite of this dish because frankly, people, there was only so much I could take. Also, I had to leave room for dessert. That one bite was tender and melt-in-your-mouthy (professional foodie here, can you tell?).

Let me stop here. I’m not going to give you a lot of details on the desserts. I will let the images speak for themselves.


Brownies and ice cream…

Espresso Martini

Espresso martini…

Bananas Foster

Bananas Foster…

That’s all I got my friends. I know I’ve made myself hungry all over again writing this post. If you stop by this Bonefish location, be sure to tell them Mami sent you. Better yet, let me know when you’re going and I’ll meet you up there!