Back-to-School: Get the Facts Right


Disclosure_Image Baby girl has been in school for a week now. I was soooo diligent, y'all. You know the OCD kicks in sometimes. I may or may not have categorized school supplies and color coded paper. Don't judge me!

Her dad made sure she had her multivitamins ready to roll and I have moved the threat level to code orange. What threat level? You know that when they start school they will be bringing home something other than homework and fundraising flyers! It's back-to-school and back-to-colds season, friends!

For us, a cold could mean a high fever which could lead to a seizure so this begins the passive watch time, as I call it. Recently, the Frog Princess was prescribed over the counter allergy meds. This adds an extra layer of vigilance for me.

I'm always mindful of what I'm giving her because so many ingredients can be found in multiple over-the-counter meds.

So this month, I not only organize the school supplies. I organize the medicine cabinet and even create myself a little cheat sheet of sorts to make sure that we aren't giving her meds with the same active ingredient should she be sick. Yes, I peruse the Drug Facts labels like her life depended on it, well, because it could.

I also want to say this: a lot of times we should remember that some illnesses aren't cured with medications and that they simply treat symptoms. So, for example, a cold brought on by a virus won't be cured by cough medicine but it surely will make you feel a little better to not be hacking up a lung.

Check out this cool infographic:


This needs to be said because I know you people (and I know myself): this applies to your over-the-counter meds as well! Make sure if you're taking multiple meds you check ingredients.

Got it?! I'm wishing you a happy, safe and germ-free beginning of the school year, friends!

NOTE: If you are ever concerned that a child has gotten into an OTC medication accidentally, call poison control immediately: 1-800-222-1222