Bienvenido a Miami: Hispanicize 2014

Are people still using Facebook? After, two days of Hispanicize marketing workshops and Latino trend sessions, the answer is apparently No. Hispanicize is a multi-industry event with workshops led by journalists, marketers and brand representatives such as McDonald's and Target. Hosted at the Intercontinental Hotel in Downtown Miami, each day was packed with events and guest speakers on how to take your brand to the next level. Staying current on today's social media mania is one way, but also making better connections to one of the largest growing consumer base in America, the Latinos.

Now, it wasn't all sitting and note taking; with that many people in one place you know there was MUSIC! Carlos Vives swung by for lunch on one day to say a few words and drop his latest music video he collaborated with Coca-Cola. Fashionistas, make up artists and stylists had their own area of the hotel where you could get beauty secrets for the busy diva on the go. This event had a little bit of everything. I even managed to take a quick 10 minute break from the information over load and get a massage from one of the many booths on exhibit in the main hall.

From networking to information and integration, I recommend this event to anyone trying to make connections. I'm already putting it in my calendar for next year, hope to see you guys there!