Who Broke the 'Hood?!

Last week was amazeballs in a way that I have not yet figured out how to explain. I got to speak at the Doctors for America conference in D.C. and right before then? Well, Potus made a visit to Orlando and I was one of the ridiculously lucky 6 women who sat with him at a roundtable to discuss blogging, hashtags and my awesomeness. Okay, so maybe that's not what we talked about. (more specifics later)


Nothing like walking on cloud nine only to find out Saturday night while in D.C. that your blog has been down since Friday. Um...what?! Yes people! The day after I meet the leader of the free world, my site is down and no one can read up on the awesomeness. I think B6-13 had something to do with this.

That being said, I'm back up and running thanks to the awesomeality of Host Chicken. If you're new here, look around, don't sit on the chairs unless they have plastic on them and feel free to leave comments, not crumbs.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go werk!