Confessions of a Co-Sleeper

It is VERY late at night, y'all. I'm typing this out as my last "thing" before I go to bed. And I'm only doing it because I felt a surge to share about my experience tonight. I was working in my room when I heard my door creak open. The frog princess has a thing she calls sleep walking which we just call "you wanna sleep with Mami". She defends her position vehemently even stating at one point (after I had surgery and she'd successfully slept in her bed for weeks) that someone, I repeat SOMEONE had stolen her not-sleep-walking. We are currently raising funds for the tip line to capture this evil being of sleep-walk-stealing stealth.

But, I digress. I saw her little face and before she could say anything, I told her she could leave the door open but to go back to her bed (we have a door between our bedrooms which works exquisitely). She walked back to her bed and I watched.

And my heart almost burst wide open. Why you ask? It was love. I was full of love for my little girl and all I wanted to do was schedule a cuddling session right at that moment. She went back to bed half asleep already. After a while there was much tossing and turning which led to moaning and groaning. Of course, I gave up trying to work with the noise and told her to come into my room.

Which leads to this confession: I'm a co-sleeping Mami and I give no dambs about it! Furthermore, I'd be lying if I told you I did not enjoy my child close to me. I love waking up early in the morning (if I'm lucky, before her) and kissing her forehead while thanking God for the sweetness He's given me. Having her near me reminds me of all that I aim to accomplish and I just feel love radiating from her body and I am here for it, people!

All that to say, someone remind me of this post after she kicks me in my left ovary and slaps me across the forehead. The struggle is real, my friends. The sleepy struggle is real.  I hope to get her out of co-sleeping in time for college. Unless she really meant it when she said she wanted me to go to college with her.

Carry on with you day OR tell me your co-sleeping confession. If you need me, I'll be over here trying to move this child from my spot.

I'm a co-sleeper, this is tonight's story (insert Law & Order thump here)