Designing Your (Wo)Man Cave for the Big Game

Meet Kendra. We met because of my love for IKEA and became friends because of our love of football. Kendra was one of the rookies in the Girls In the 'Hood league this season. She didn't do too bad. Here are her thoughts on a very important topic that we don't often discuss. Dammit, I want a cave! Don't you? By: Kendra Ferguson, Local Marketing Specialist at IKEA Orlando

Everyone's talking about getting the Man Cave ready for the Big Game. What about the Woman Caves? According to Forbes, nearly half of the NFL fans are women (45%). As the ladies prepare for kick-off, IKEA can help prepare a space that's comfortable - an essential component of a Man Cave, and also well-designed.

The Bench. You're the Coach of this event, so you need to maintain control of the remote. The FLÖRT caddy can help with that. Everyone can't be in the game. There will be a lot of Armchair Quarterbacks tuning in on Sunday. Do you have a seat for everyone? Add more floor seats with folding chairs and cushions, and small tables to keep drinks off your floor away from accidental Kickers.

Product Suggestions: FLÖRT remote control pocket, $4.99; FEJAN folding chair, $10.00; SKÄRBLAD cushion cover, $5 (20x20 INNER $2.99)*; LACK side table, $9.99


*IKEA has so many cushion covers to select from that fit the 20x20 INNER that you can easily swap them out as the season or your mood changes.

Concession Stand. Watching football is hard work, and fans will be famished long before halftime rolls around. Set-up plates and glasses buffet-style, so guests can chow down at their leisure. That way you won't have to miss a second of play action, or the highly-anticipated commercials.

Production Suggestions: PLACERA serving bowl, $6.99; OMVÄXLANDE tray, $12.99; OANVÄND beer glass, $1.99; TICKAR plate, $4.99; BYGEL utility cart, $24.99

Good Sportsmanship. Keep it clean, on and off the field. An unavoidable truth: dramatic plays, and the celebratory fist pumps that follow, lead to spills. Have plenty of paper napkins handy in case things get messy. Get them in your team's color to add some game day flair! Both teams this year are sporting blue, so you don't have to pick sides if you don't want to. To minimize spillage, lay out coasters and place mats so guests don't have to hold their dishes.

Think ahead. Make postgame cleanup as painless as possible. Your trash bins can play offense and defense – first line them with plastic and fill with ice to cool drinks, then collect garbage after the game. Think you'll have more leftovers than your fridge can handle? Invite guests to take a taste of the Super Bowl home in microwave-safe containers.

Product Suggestions: LJUDA place mat, $1.49; PANNÃ… coasters, $6.99; FANTASTISK paper napkins, $1.99; KNODD bin with lid, $24.99; PRUTA food containers, $4.79

Whether you're pulling for the Broncos or the Seahawks, from first down to final touchdown, you're in for a good game. The field of play is set, so sit back and relax. For more design tips, follow @IKEAOrlando on Twitter.

Disclosure: this is a guest post. I was not compensated for this post though I totally plan on stealing these ideas and passing them off as my own. I leave you with my deep, deep thought for the day: