Fashion Fridays: What I Wore In Vegas

Last month I had the great pleasure of speaking at the Type A Parent West Mastermind. It was in Vegas, y'all. And it was good. Mostly because I slept. And got to catch this view: Vegas_Sunrise

I also got a chance to wear some of my newly revised outfits from my wardrobe. I've started clearing out items that don't bring me joy. 

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Radical honesty moment with you guys: I dislike taking pictures of myself. I feel awkward pulling out a camera and asking someone to take a picture and I kinda dread the selfie stick. It's not that I don't think I look great, it's just...I don't know. But, I pushed myself and even though I don't have pictures of every outfit, here are a couple:

Over the knee boots are EVERRATHANG! I paired them with both dresses and they went great. I have also put it together with jeans and a blazer. 

A BIG important thing that I wore on this trip? Well, I carried it. After it was delivered to my hotel room. Courtesy of my stylist Yanira. This Vince Camuto bag.

Can I tell you how fab I felt? Once again I was reminded that when you pick the right clothes, the ones that truly bring you joy, your attitude goes right along with it. And the bag did not hurt. Also: I may or may not have had tears in my eyes due to the one-word note in the box. Because...SLAY! #thugtears

This year has been kicked off with lots of fashion and flare. When I look good, I feel good and so an effort has to be made to make this a habit. It's about more than the outside, it's about the complete being, amirite?

Oh! Here's a picture of Dani and I on the last night. She is gorgeous and I am not just saying that because we have Twinsie hair and she has Mami's bone structure. Check her out at OK, Dani and Fit Noire. You know you want to!


Do you have a favorite outfit that brings you joy?