Finding New Roads In the Summer of Adventure


Disclosure: I was provided with a 2018 Chevy Equinox in order to facilitate this post. A note to the Frog Princess,

As we were talking about the summer plans a few weeks ago, I asked you what we should name this summer. With all the drama you've learned from your mama you proclaimed: the summer of adventure!

And here we were. We kicked it off a little early during National Photography Month thanks to Chevy because adventuring can't wait!

This summer I promise to:

  • Break up my work day so that we are spending quality time (we can get so much accomplished and so many new thoughts and ideas during lunch!).
  • Take you to as many places as we can afford.
  • Keep you safe while enjoying this summer of your 8th year.

Now, let's find new roads this summer, baby girl!

Our summer officially kicked off a the end of May because Florida and heat, folks. Also, because Chevy.

I had the grand pleasure of riding around in a Chevy Equinox that felt like something new and like home all at the same time.

It was roomy, it was comfortable and considering they start at $23,580, I think it's also mighty affordable.

I MUST be radically honest with you right now (because, have you met me?): the majority of the time I had this fantabulous SUV, we were dealing with the Frog Princess being sick with fevers, sore throats and headaches. I had ALL. THE. PLANS. to take this bad boy to all the special places but, life happened. I was sad that I only spent about half the time I was hoping to spend inside this beauty. I will say that baby girl slept comfortably in the back seat and could not get over the new car smell (seriously, at this rate, we're going to end up with a new car by July!).

I called her Ellie while she was here. And for the time we had her, we really enjoyed her.

Now, I can tell you all about: Safety Alert Seat, Surround Vision, Forward Collision Alert with Following Distance Indicator, Low speed Forward Automatic Braking, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert and Rear Cross Traffic Alert. All new in the 2018 Equinox. But instead, I am going to tell you about the one feature that held my heart, brought tears to my eyes and made me ridiculously grateful all at the same time (didn't think a car could do that, eh?).

REAR SEAT REMINDER. I saw it the first morning I took the Frog Princess to school. I needed a minute. I heard the ding as soon as I took the key out of the ignition and lo and behold, I see this:

Y'ALL. Why has this not been done before?! This was the simplest thing I've seen but the ONE thing I feel can make such a huge difference! I took a short survey amongst my friends and I got a unanimous "wow" from them all. How many lives could this save?

It's the little things, amirite? But also, it's the moments. The small moments that we can capture on film (I had to explain what "film" was to the kid recently. Fun. You should try it some time) and the ones we capture with our hearts.

Things like surprising her with tickets to see Solo at our favorite hangout spot, Disney Springs.

(here she didn't know where we were headed and thus the obligatory smile)

Or running off to the beach during late afternoons, catching the golden hour and collecting seashells and laughter in equal parts.

Life is short. The summer is shorter. Childhood is gone in the blink of an eye. And moms spend an inordinate amount of time in cars. So, what do you say you find yourself a vehicle that will add to your enjoyment of life (and your cool factor).

If you're in the market for a car (Dei, this is for you!), I highly recommend you head on over to a dealership and test drive this bad boy. You won't be disappointed.

Tell them Sili sent you. They won't know who I am but hey, that shouldn't stop you!

Okay but, to recap, here's what I enjoyed best:

  1. the cabin in the Equinox was roomier than I expected from seeing it on the outside.
  2. It handled great and picked up speed quickly (not that I speed or anything).
  3. The Frog Princess had a good amount of leg room in the back.
  4. The sound system allowed me to listen to my 90's & 00's music in loud comfort as I waited in the pick up line.
  5. The safety features on this vehicle blew me away.

Here's wishing you happy roads, happy summers and happy driving! May this summer show you how to #FindNewRoads!