How My Friendships Build Up My Child


Disclosure: I am a #TalkEarly blogger. All thoughts and opinions are my own. School has already begun! I can't get over this fact even though I haven't been in school in 20 10 a long time. I still recall the days when school began after labor day. Alas, that's no longer the case and some kids go to school year round!

The Frog Princess has moved on to a new school, thank the good Lord. But, that's meant that we now have to start the friendship process once again. Thankfully, I've made sure that she has stayed up with her preschool homies.

It's interesting how things happened, I would like to say I planned for it but, I'd be lying. I saw this woman and her daughter at orientation and months later, my girl announces her best friend. We go to the fall festival and not only is it the same girl I remember from orientation but, her mother and I fall into easy conversation and become fast friends.

Quality Friendships

They are important. I have a few from way back when that hold me down. They know my history and support me in so many ways. Like my child, I'm an extrovert. I have friends everywhere. But, it's the deep friendships that I now hone in on and hold on to.

Dr. Mary Alvord, a psychologist with over 35 years of clinical experience, says that parents serve as role models for friendships. We talk about what makes a good friend often as she sees my friends and I do things for one another, hold each other down and provide unconditional love and support. Dr. Alvord also says that in the quality vs. quantity discussion, quality matters as it relates to friendships.

I'm ecstatic to say that her BFF's mom is one of my favorite people in the world and a good friend. The girls are now in different schools an even though we always seem to be running around, we try our best to get the girls together.

One of our annual rituals? A celebratory dinner the first day of school. I'm happy to report we made it happen. We also had a chance to catch up a few weeks back and give the girls some quality time after not doing too much the rest of the summer.

Those times always give the grown ups time to catch up. I recall my mom's friends coming over to the apartment in NYC and just hanging out, talking, listening to music, doing their nails. I have such fond memories of my mother and her tribe.

I hope I am modeling this behavior for the Frog Princess. As she gets older, her friends will become a bigger influence in her life and those relationships will help her face and get through situations of peer pressure.

Talk Early

We talk a lot about a lot of things. From the birds and the bees to current events and alcohol. It's never just one conversation. That's why I'm happy to have resources like #TalkEarly where I can fill my information tank for all the conversations related to alcohol responsibility. I hope my child takes it all in and can use her knowledge to influence her friends in the future. 

I hope that my friendships help her build friendships of her own and that she will find the people that love and support her no matter what.

It's all about modeling, right? Behaviors and friendships. Yes, we already have our next friend date planned and I am looking forward to modeling more laughter and joy for her.

How do you make time for friends (new and old)?