Goodie! Goodie!

I am going to put this down under the "things I totally could've invented and cannot believe I didn't!" category. These tins are the new gift basket.  It sounds so simple.  Goodie Tins has everything from Baby Tins for the newborn to a tin for coffee and tea lovers.

The great thing about reading blogs is that I get to sign up for giveaways just like you.  I got this little bad boy thanks to Yadira over at El club de las diosas.  I picked the Spa Indulgence Tin and tonight, I took a few minutes to do just that: indulge.  Am I glad I did! I rushed out of the tub over to the computer because I had to tell you guys about it.

First of all, I got this in an adorable box that made me happy just seeing it on my doorstep:

And then what I found inside was just divine.  A can?! Really? YES! It is genius and I love that unlike a basket, it's a neat way to ship things (Goodie Tins, I am totally going to start shipping things like this from now on, when I don't buy them from you, of course!).

Isn't this cute?! When I opened the box I saw pink tissue paper and it was like Christmas for this mami.  Even before I opened the can I could smell the fabulous lavender.  All I can say is: soothing!

Here's what was in my can:

  • 2 Large organic lavender soaps
  • 1 Travel organic lavender soap
  • 1 Tin of premium lavender bath salts
  • 1 Shea & cocoa lavender body butter lotion
  • 3 Large lavender bath bombs
  • 1 Bath gloves
  • 1 Natural foam sea sponge

Where do I start?! The bath salts were not the zombie inducing kind. Rather, I felt the zombie easing out of me as I sat quietly in the warm tub.  I think my favorite thing in there is the body butter. I have no words for it.

I want to write more about this lovely Tin but honestly, I'm a bit too relaxed to think straight at the moment.  I am going to go chillax for the night. And you? You need to head on over to Goodie Tins and get your own!