Heart Gifts from Lauren Nicole

I love giving gifts. I am not crazy about the commercialization of Valentine's Day but I love the sentiment behind the holiday. I am very intentional with what I give to others and so, I use the term heart gifts because my gifts always come from the heart. Back in the day when I was kidless, I used to be the ultimate gift giver. I'd scour this little shop where local artists displayed their work and would make sure I paired up the perfect gift for whoever I was purchasing for. Of course, they closed or moved or something and left me bereft and mourning for weeks after.

Being a creative being, some of my favorite heart gifts to give were handmade. I am adept at soapmaking and coloring in my friends favorite colors or bathroom decorations. I could also whip up a scarf, shawl or blanket to suit the occasion. What can I say. I was fabulous.

Fast forward to today and I'll be happy if I remember to wish you a happy birthday. If you've received a birthday card from me in the last 3 years then consider yourself extra special. I have Valentine's Day cards from last year that never really made their way out (is it okay if I send the same ones this year?). Still, I miss giving heart gifts. I try to do it nowadays but, it hasn't been easy.

When I saw some of the work from Lauren Nicole Gifts though, I knew I'd found a favorite little shop where I'd be able to find/create the perfect gift for anyone on my list.

Even though I'm not normally a fan of V-Day, I think I'm totally back on the bandwagon. Though I would not be mad if you should want to buy me a little something for my birthday next month. The great thing about heart gifts is that you can give them at any time during the year.

As a Mami, I know I rarely buy anything for myself. And by extension, few people get me anything these days. Which is okay (I guess). I know plenty of us feel this way. But, can you imagine getting this for Valentine's Day?

How cool is that?! I am so happy with this piece. It's the first thing I've gotten that has my Twitter handle on it. The frog princess took one look at it and exclaimed "Mami, your necklace so pretty!". I couldn't agree more.

I'm already cooking up great ideas for the upcoming year. I have friends that will be new Mamis and I think any number of these would qualify as a perfect new Mami present.

I think the footprints are adorable, don't you? The possibilities are endless.  Feel free to casually share this post on FB and tag your significant other to make sure they know what you want.

Oh and, for those of you who looking forward to fabulous conferences this year, I found this:

Great googly moogly! Is this not the awesomest badge holder you've ever seen?! No more funky lanyards for me, no sir! I am stylin' from here on out! Seriously, this made me giddy when I found it. I will definitely be making a statement at BlissDom this year (it's the first conference of the year for me).

Lauren Nicole Gifts has renewed my love of heart gifts. As I step into this week, I have my Mami's homegoing anniversary coming up and, I think I have found a special way to keep the siblings close and share a little of our love for her through our jewelry. Stay tuned, I might share what these heart gifts will look like.

I love that this personalized jewelry can speak to your uniqueness (like my Twitter handle necklace with my birthstone on it) or your memories. They can celebrate the special moments in your life or create a time capsule for one particular moment (I can't wait til the frog princess makes a drawing that I can send off to turn into a necklace).

I am a fan. A big fan because I have missed giving heart gifts and Lauren Nicole has given me a way to do so again. I still feel like I'm making something for someone except someone else gets to do the work. It's the best of both worlds.

Oh and Denise, the owner of the company, sorta thought you guys might like to win a little something. I tried to insist that I needed something else to really inspire me to write this post but, she wouldn't budge. I guess she thinks you guys are pretty special.

Go ahead and enter below for your chance to win a $50 gift card to get your very own heart gift. I think I only have one requirement, get something for yourself.

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Disclosure: I was provided with the 2 pieces of customized jewelry seen above in order to give my thoughts and opinion on the pieces. All opinions, thoughts and happy dances are purely my own.