Her Room Made Perfect With IKEA

The room is complete! And I wish I had like a super professional camera that I could do a photoshoot with and really show you the splendor that is the room. I am so incredibly happy with it.

Barragan Quote

I love that Barragan quote because it is simple and true. If I had to tell you about all of these as they related to the girl's room, here's what I'd say: her workspace is the serenity part. She can find everything she needs, when she is playing or drawing or painting. The magic part? Definitely the "castle" as she calls it. That canopy rocks. On the sorcery side are the lights that come on at night when she goes to sleep and shimmer the possibility of magic as she lays in her castle and looks around while she falls asleep. The mystery? Well I think the mystery is simply "how did mami do it?!".

Here are some of the things I learned during this redesign journey. I learned...

  1. that up until I sat down with their designers, I had no idea what I was doing
  2. don't try to fill a space with furniture, figure out functionality first
  3. there is such a thing as too much pink
  4. that shelves are a ridiculously awesome way to gain space in a room
  5. that I love IKEA a lot more than I realized

I'm reminded once again about how having the right space with the right furniture will make you feel, as the frog princess says...just right!

I used to have two storage bins in her room. Now, I only have the one because so much goes on her shelves and in the pocket storage and bins.

For the future

I am planning on creating artwork on the French doors. The (ex)man suggested glass painting so I think that's what I will do. On the wall above her easel, I plan on using this cool curtain wire to display her artwork. Because my child is a natural artist and I want to display her beautiful work.


I feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to meet and work with the great team at the IKEA Orlando store. Josie, Chris and Kendra have made this experience fantastic. I have been so impressed by the level of detail that they put into their work. Simple things that I think is what makes IKEA such a great brand. I distinctly remember the first meeting I had with them. Chris asked me if I wanted to incorporate flowers into the design of the room because of the special meaning of my tattoo. And I thought what?! Well, Chris had taken the time to get to know me via the blog and my Pinterest boards and I did not expect that.

I think what they bring to families and home living is that commitment to make their living space the best that they possibly can. Something as simple as the designers getting around the kids area on their knees to see what's accessible to them and what's not. What works and what doesn't. I was glad that they did all of that. I will miss working with them on this project but I know that I will maintain the relationship because, y'all know how I am!

So, what do you think of the room?

Necessary disclaimer: This is not a service that is generally provided to the public. Rather, this was done in order to enhance my story (and blood, sweat and tears) as I embark in this redesign. So, don't be callin' your local IKEA and telling them I sent you! ;-)

How it all began...