How Mami Got Her Swag Back


There is currently a MASSIVE project going on. I think it spans across 6 bloggers now. It makes me glad that I have the Mission Impossible theme as the ringer on my phone. You see: I'm being styled.

I feel like I should have 6 figures magically appear in my bank account after uttering those words. Alas, that is not the case.

What IS the case is the fact that the more time passes by the more I realize that people can afford a stylist and actually most people (like me) need one.

I hate shopping. I dislike purchasing things that look good in the store and then I can't figure out what to wear it with. I detest having to return and most times, I run out at the last minute to grab something that I might need for an event. Apparently these are not good things for me to do.

I have been giving Yanira all kinds of conniptions for the last few days as we've begun talking about this. She's ah-mazing! She's a fantabulous stylist and her make-up tips are quite impressive.

Not only did she make me a list (y'all know how much I love lists!) but she is sending me out with shopperones.


(some of the items on my list)

This way I am not going to be making mistakes. Or buy something crazy. Hot on my trail? Yadira from club de las diosas and Karina from con sabor a kafe. I love those gals.

Apparently one simple comment about yoga pants incited some sort of blogger defcon5 that I was unaware of. And so, I must now document this journey.

I am going to be VERY honest with you. I'm a little excited. I've been attempting to build my empire and have realized that long with "dressing" the part online (right content, right images, etc) I must also dress the part in real life. I think that after so much time in a rut, this feels like a breath of fresh air, from all aspects of life.

This week, I have a trip planned to an outlet (because I don't have enough going on). After which, I hear that the gang of bloggers will be writing their own posts as they create outfits for me using the pieces I purchase.

To the purchases, I will add some of my favorite things from my closet (sadly, there aren't many). I can't wait to shake up this bag and see what comes out.  Follow the convo on Twitter with the #MamiSwagger hashtag. Also, pray for me.