In Search of Home...

I've always hated moving. I think because I always wanted a forever home. I told myself I'd buy my first home by 30 and I did. Of course, I bought at the height of the bubble and so a few years after, promptly sold the home in a short sale. The same year the Frog Princess was to be born. One move to a beautiful home and I thought that perhaps, that'd be my forever home (I was renting but had the option to purchase). After Mami passed away and I became a single Mami, I had second thoughts. Add to that the fact that dad needed me to go home and help him manage the house and all of those thoughts went out the window.

Fast forward to last year when it became obvious that dad would not, in fact be traveling and was looking to settle back home (with his new wife), and I found myself in search of a home yet again.

The stress of trying to figure out the Frog Princess and her kindergarten situation meant that I could breathe easy for at least another year. That is...until I got an email this past week with "renewal offer" in subject line. I was giddy because, hello?! Who doesn't like an offer? I still have 2 months before my lease is up so I thought I was being rewarded for my good tenantship.

Errr...the offer was that my rent would only be going up by $80. And that was only if I took the offer ASAP. Because, you know...special offer.

On Saturday, I was driving around and found myself drawn into an open house (damn you signs and balloons!). The house was in downtown Orlando. Which is one of my optimal moving areas. As I look ahead, it's where I'm thinking the Frog Princess will be going to school next year and it would make life easier. Only issue? The prices. LAWD HELP ME! How many eggs do y'all wanna buy to contribute to the house fund?! 


I mean, seriously, people! DOUBLE swings?! Those windows to the right would belong to my home office. The ones to the left would house my Christmas tree. I could select the entryway toward the back of the house as the place where I could carve notches and add dates as the Frog Princess grows.

But...I don't think I'm ready for this hefty mortgage (unless y'all raise some of that money via GoFundMe for me, let me know how it goes).

I'm also looking at lease purchase options. The interesting part is that when I created my vision boards last year I printed up a picture of a house that happens to be on this road. When I upgrade to my canvas boards, the house didn't make it to the canvas because it tore. I guess I'll be adding to my creation.

Because this past weekend, I remembered to dream about a space of my own and the joy of a little girl that runs around and squeals at a well laid out kitchen (she literally squealed out loud! It was a thing of beauty). I know if I set it in my mind, it will happen.

Maybe not this beautiful home but, another. In the meantime,  I wish John luck selling this home. It shouldn't be hard. It has all of the nooks and crannies to hold giggles, joy, tears, holidays and a lifetime of living. Don't mind me, my eyes are reacting to the pollen and not the idea of someone else working in that front room (with built in bookshelves!!!!). 

In the meantime, home will be where I can hold my girl, create my dreams, feed the ones I love and celebrate life and the blessings that continue to flow into my life.