Letting My Daughter Find Her Style


Disclosure: “This post is sponsored by Kohl’s. I was paid for this post and received the included Carter’s clothing as compensation.” Some days I wonder how it is that this kid can grow so fast. One minute, I am shopping for clothes in December and the next it’s February and it seems like she has nothing to wear. NO.THING.

The Frog Princess has been fairly easy when it comes to clothing, though. I’ve never been one to give her too many choices. Couple that with her easy-going personality and we have ZERO issues getting dressed.

As she grows, she is showing more of her taste and comforts. When I shopped Kohl’s last spring, I was lamenting the thought of her soon being out of Carter’s clothing. Of course, that was before I realized that…HELLOOOO! Look at these bigger sizes AND these adorable alphets (Carter’s if you’re reading this, can we talk about creating a few of these pieces in Mami sizes?! Kthxbai).

Because she considers herself an artist, you can imagine that the Frog Princess has been developing certain tastes.

She’s all about color! With trepidation in my heart, we shopped both online and in the store and…I let her pick her clothes!

She was excited to select her clothing. Also, is she lecturing me about the color yellow? I think so!

We want to be comfortable. And we want to be age appropriate. Can I say that again?! Age. Appropriate! Lounging at home, doing crafts, painting, watching a movie or out and about in the city playing to our heart’s content.

I think that not only did we find clothes that I love to put her in but she is finding her very own style and comfort which is super important to me.

For me, I like the options. I love that I can purchase a brand that we’ve loved since birth and that I can do it from the Kohl’s website or run over to the store for a shopping trip. This we love to do as part of a girl’s day where we have brunch at one of our favorite spots and hit up a park or two.

It’s a time for us to bond, for her to develop a sense of self and, with Carter’s, it means that I can rest easy knowing that she is selecting clothes that will fit beautifully and comfortably. Even if it’s just til her next growth spurt! (side note: when do they stop growing?!)

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