Mami Mondays: Thanksgiving

I was going to vlog today to show you my FANTABULOUS hair thanks to The Hair Diva especially after I vlogged the other day with the Lion King "do". But, to be honest, I'm not up for the camera. It's been a rough day and currently, I am sporting my sexy hair WITH puffy red eyes and the Rudolph nose.  It's been a rough "missing mami" day, what can I say? I will make this short and simple (maybe) and in no particular order. Here's my list:

1. I'm thankful to God for never leaving my side, giving me subtle and not so subtle reminders He's around and for sending people my way to steer me in the right direction and encourage me. This leads me to

2. I'm thankful to you! I so appreciate you stopping by and reading my blog. Most days I have no clue why you do it but, there you are, commenting, tweeting, making me smile and generally reminding me that this thing I love to do so much, this writing, is actually read

3. I'm thankful to projects. I'm  a project manager, so, how could I not be! I'm especially thankful to those of you have that have given towards Terri's trip to the Dominican Republic in order to help bring better birthing conditions to the hospital where she is going to be working at.  This is a very special project because it is the country in which I was born.  I'm trying to figure out how I am going to make welcome packets for all the babies that Terri will be delivering. I may not have a job but hopefully, God will help me make a way.  My dad used to say that babies are born with a loaf of bread under their arm. Initially I thought: what am I yeasty or something? Hmmm, that may have worked better on the vlog than in print. Go ahead and read it again then laugh a little harder to make me feel good.

In any case, I soon realized that the meaning behind the phrase is that babies are not only blessings but they come with blessings as well.  I know I experienced that and many of you have as well. I'd love to renew hope in these new mamis by showing them that their new little bundles of joy bring with them a loaf of their own.  I am skipping Christmas presents for myself (so, please don't send them ;-) ). Instead, I will try my best to make as many welcome packets as possible during the holiday season. If you want to help me make that happen, check out the blog and my intentions and reach out to me.

4. I am of course grateful for my frog princess! Some days (like today) she is the only thing that will put a smile on my face. The sun rises and sets on her. I cannot remember or imagine what life was like before her.  In the midst of the intense sorrow that this year has brought there has been equally intense joy and for that I am humbled and grateful

5. This year more than ever, I am thankful for the many lessons that this life has brought.  I have had the most devastating loss I've experienced in my life (and still, I stand). I walked away from a relationship I once thought would last forever (and still, I stand).  I have lost my job and realized that perhaps I am here for a bigger purpose though I'm still trying to get creative with the bill-paying (and still I stand).  All these things have brought with them valuable lessons and wonderful people that have reached out to me in my time of need. Oh, I've also learned that I can't do it on my own and that it's okay to ask for help.  I'm not saying I'm practicing that yet but, what is it they say about knowing the problem?

In other news: I really wish you could see this hair. It's making me want to get dressed up and go out dancing.  But, for some reason, although I have days where I'm up til 3 a.m. here at home, the minute I think about being out that late, I get an intense tiredness deep within that cannot be fought (hmmm, perhaps I should start using this when I can't sleep at night).

I only have 5 things on the list because as you know I can talk type and if I had 5 more things then I'd need about 3 more blogs (that didn't add up, did it? It's why I'm not writing equations people! Work with me!).  So, what awesomeness are you thankful for? Where will Thanksgiving Day find you (spiritually, emotionally, physically, metaphorically)?