Mami Reads: I'm a Scary Mommy. How About You?

"...I would tell her to run to the nearest public restroom and lick the doorknob, or walk up to a sniffly stranger at a coffee shop and inhale his sneeze...however she possibly could, I would tell her to soak up all the airborne germs she could get her healthy little body on. Get sick, girlfriend, I would say. And then milk it. Because once you become a mom, you'll never be able to get sick again." - Jill Smokler, Confessions of a Scary Mommy

Okay so, I've been talking about cute books, sweet books & even spiritual books in the past.  Put those thoughts behind you because this week I'm talking about a YOU book!

You know who you are! The mami that's walking around with puke in her hair. The one who just can't handle one more kid asking for one more thing.  Or perhaps you like to stash candy for yourself when no one is looking?

It really doesn't matter what kind of mami you are. You know why? Because you will all love this book. I garaunteeeee it!*

I don't know where to start.  Let's see. I was in a complete rut on Tuesday due to some negative energy infiltrating my space. I decided that instead of work, I'd do a little reading after the frog princess went to bed and before diving in to the to do list. I am SO glad I did. I couldn't put it down despite the fact that I had a boatload of stuff to do. It was my simple pleasure for the week that reminded me of a time when I'd polish off 1-2 books a week.

First of all, I've been waiting MONTHS for this book to come out. I knew it was going to be great! Well, maybe not months. Truthfully, I've been waiting for this book ever since I peed on the stick on 4/11/2009.  But, who's counting?

I was giddy when I started to read it. So much so that I kept having to stop in order to Tweet about it! At one point in time, I had tears in my eyes.  And not the kind that I thought I'd end up with earlier that evening.  They were "ohmigawd this shit is so funny I can't hold it in" tears.  I may have also peed my pants a bit but, don't tell anyone.  I was at once ecstatic about reading it and pissed off that I had no one to turn to so that we could talk about it.

Well, thankfully I came up with a solution! A Mami Book Club! I'm kicking one off this month and this is what we are reading. So, who's in?  Make sure you head on over to my Blog Frog community. I've set up a conversation just for us (and by "us" I mean whoever is reading this book right now).

"Mami, I don't know if I'm going to like this book. How will I know for sure before spending my hard earned not-even-$10?" you say. Here's how! Jill is giving you the first 2 chapters for free! Preview before you buy and if you don't almost pee your pants at least once, I may have to unfollow you on Twitter.  Once you decide you love it (and why wouldn't you?) head on over to my Bookstore and pick one up (or two or three.  Trust me, you won't want to be the only one in your immediate circle reading it).

For those of you in Orlando, Jill will be here on April 29th at the B&N on East Colonial. I need people to come with me so that I don't look like a deranged stalker. I'm considering getting a t-shirt made and I'll definitely have a big sign!

Don't live in Orlando? Lucky for you I'm nice and have done all the hard work for you (and by hard work I mean copy/paste).  Jill is on tour and here is her schedule. You're welcome.

All kidding aside, the book (like motherhood) runs the gamut of emotions.  If you've ever read through (or posted) in her community, you know what I'm talking about.  At the end of the day, these thoughts/confessions/stories bond us together and make us all scary mommies. Which isn't a bad thing as THE Scary Mommy is pretty damn awesome.

I personally plan on stocking up and giving this book to all expecting mamis.  Why, you ask? Because dammit, they need to know what's coming and I haven't found a better person to tell them than Jill.

*garaunteeeeeing this post holds no type of sue-able offenses so, read at your own risk sister!