Mami Reads: The Kid Dictionary

In the midst of trying to figure out why in God's name I thought I could go back to school AND why I ever thought that the question "Are Blogging and Social Media Falling By the Wayside?" was a good premise for an organizational behavior case study, I got this in the mail:

From the minute I read the cover (Dintercourse: (DINN-tuhr-corse) n: State of revulsion evoked when two different food items are placed on a plate, heaven forbid, touch) I knew The Kid Dictionary was my kind of book.  And it will be yours too.

I have about 5 4 3 books that I'm in the process of reading and I cannot tell you how accomplished I felt with this little book. It was as if, hello?! I actually finished one for a change. But you don't have to finish it in one sitting.  This is the perfect mami's day present because you can pick it up, laugh, put it down and then go cry over all the other stuff that aren't that easy.

With words such as DETASTE (dee-TAYST v: To harbor a deep hatred and disgust for a food you have never tried.) and FULLISH (FULL-ish adj: too full to eat more carrots, yet fully prepared to consume an ice cream sundae.) how can you not: 1. laugh 2. relate and 3. buy?

It's one of those books you don't have to be a mami to love but if you are one, you will certainly understand and appreciate it.

Okay, I know I was annoying my brother by continuing to read out of the book while laughing but, I have to leave you with one. more. word!

Brofitti (bro-FEE-tee) v: the act of scribbling with magic markers on the face of a younger sibling.  I lied, here's another: Kiddles (KID-duhls) n: Crumbs and debris found in the creases of your automobile upholstery when you remove you child's car seat.  I thought about this one only because the other day I pulled the frog princess out of her car seat and found crumbs and a raisin stuck to her butt. I don't want to tell you how long it's been since she's had any of those things in the car seat.

I am really going to stop because if I don't, I might just retype the entire book here for your enjoyment. Go forth and read, people!

Speaking of reading, though: don't forget I'm still hanging out at the Read and Play Community! We have some great things planned for May including Live Chats with Tad Hills and Devon Kinch this week!

An uncorrected advance copy of this book was provided in order for me to do the review. All opinions and excitement are purely my own.