Mami Reads: The Lucado Inspirational Reader

I fell in love with Max through his children's books.  Treasures like You Are Special, Because I Love You and The Oak Inside the Acorn are not only beautifully illustrated but, the message of love and God at their center is simple and deep. Of course, his adult books are filled with deep messages and though-provoking stories that remind us of whose we are and the power of God in our lives. I saw this book as part of my BookSneeze options last month and thought it would make a great gift for Christmas. It did not disappoint.  This book is a compilation of one-liners, paragraphs, stories, and teachings from Lucado's bestsellers all wrapped up in one, easy-to-read volume.  You can pick it up and put it down at your heart's content.  Each time finding a new treasure that you hadn't noticed before or relating to a message that pertains to a particular situation that you're going through at the moment.

The Lucado Inspirational Reader has found a permanent spot on my desk (and that's a lot to say considering all the books I have).  I love that during long nights or hectic days, I can pick it up, read a passage and feel as if a message had been written for my heart.  Whether you are an avid Lucado reader or this is the first time you've picked up one of his books, I think that you'll enjoy what you read.

I've never been surprised by God's judgement, but I'm still stunned by his grace. - When God Whispers You Name

I've added this book to my bookstore. Feel free to stop by and pick up your copy! You get a book (that you pay for) and you get a book (that you pay for) and you get a book (that you pay for).  Sorry kids, unlike Oprah, I can't afford to buy you all of my favorite things this holiday season.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book to review