Mami's Favorite Things: Books!


When I sat down to enjoy a late dinner with Ashley and Shell at BBC Atlanta last year, there was a new face (for me) at the table. And when she gave me her card, I smiled and knew we'd be fast friends. Heather is the face behind The Mommyhood. And how could I not love it?! Mommyhood meets Mamihood. Perfection! Recently, she told me she was writing a book and I was ecstatic. Well, what she didn't tell me was that she'd placed secret cameras in my house and also used some sort of Betazoid power to bore into my brain. I know she's done this because Heather's book, Secrets of the Mommyhood, is the book I've never written with all of the thoughts I've ever had.


She takes it from the top. From seeing the line on the pregnancy stick, to unsolicited (crazy) advice to the cool stuff you've put on your registry that will surely end up in your garage.

Love doesn't begin to describe how I feel about this book. It's everything I ever wanted any of my expecting friends to know. SPOILER ALERT: do not read the following line if you're pregnant and my friend.

I'm SO planning on giving all 32 of the women I've gotten pregnant this year a copy of this book for Christmas.

It's just in time too because I've grown tired of sending my frightening baby products Excel spreadsheet and having to explain why I think that a poop holder, as Heather calls it, is unnecessary. So this book will save me lots of eye rolls and long explanations.

Seriously, it's fantastic. I love that Heather tells you about her own experiences, how she felt, what she did. These are her opinions and thoughts but they mirror so many of my own and the ones of other mamis I've talked to.

I couldn't put the book down (even though I should've been doing schoolwork, don't judge me). That's how good it was.

And before you ask: of course I have a copy of this book for you as a giveaway!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. In reading this book it made me think of one of my other favorite books this year The Kid Dictionary. If you follow me on the Twitter you know that I am forever retweeting Eric when he puts up definitions (if you don't follow me: shame on you!). I mean if Secrets of the Mommyhood gives you the no holds barred of parenting then The Kid Dictionary will give you the lexicon to understand the new language. Here are a few examples:

Resembullate (re-ZEM-bhul-ayt) v: To unnecessarily asses which parent a newborn baby looks like.

Leftoaf (leff-TOWFF) n: A parent whose diet consists largely of foods her children don't finish.

Daduation (DAD-ju-ay-shun) n: The painful realization that you are quickly and irreversibly turning into your parents.


See? What'd I tell you? So for this giveaway, not only do I have a SIGNED copy of Heather's book but I will most certainly equip you with the vocabulary that you need to learn with a copy of The Kid Dictionary. You're welcome!

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