Moments of Grace

Sunday morning.  Still so much packing to do! Last night, I started getting a headache and sat down for a bit. Then the frog princess woke up from night terrors so, the packing was stalled.  I woke up with a sweet little girl next to me. I got her milk, her burp cloth (she's always liked holding on to it while drinking her milk and falling asleep) and set her on the pillow next to me.  Every day moments. I suppose I could complain about how early it was but, I just enjoy the moment.  Thankful for so much even in the midst of this storm.

Afterwards, with the TV in the background, we danced on the bed and when she laid back on the bed and pulled up her shirt, I scratched her belly and let her move my hand around to where it was itchy (though I'm convinced this is not so much a necessity as it is a new game).  It made me think of when my belly was bulging with her inside, moving around and doing summersaults.  Though I had pretty intense Braxton Hicks and went into preterm labor at 30 weeks which put me on bedrest for the following 6 weeks, I think I had a pretty wonderful pregnancy.  So thankful for all that I was able to experience during that time.

In the quiet of a Sunday morning, I have my very own moment of praise and worship.  On a big bed, snuggled up with my frog princess, getting hugs, smiles and pinches.  The recipient of so much unbridled and unrestrained love, the keeper of hugs, the captain of kisses.  I am overwhelmed with the thought that my life has been filled with all this grace and all these blessings in spite of all of the rough patches.  And so, I wake up to a new day feeling like a new woman simply by paying a little attention to the small moments of grace that I am given.

Have you had a moment of grace today?