Sunday Night Football Mami Style

I have missed football. This year, I am missing my fantasy football league. I've decided that, among everything else I'm doing, I will start my own fantasy football league. Of course, I need to find other people who want to join in! I love football. I have been known to scream and yell at the television, curse at the fantasy football gods when I mistakenly bench the wrong player and feel the kind of happiness that one might feel when eating loads of dark chocolate.

I feel sad when my girlfriends say that they don't understand the game. I want them to learn, to see how much fun it is, to experience the joy of football! And so, I will try my best (no promises) to do a weekly football post where I catch you up on the happenings of the NFL this season (in between potty training, of course? What else do you expect from a mami?). I will also try and give you some of the rules and regulations of the game in hopes that you'll impress your significant other with your deep understanding of the game he/she loves. Don't worry, I won't tell where you got your info from.

Are you in a fantasy football league? How do you feel about the game? Are YOU ready for some football????