Monday Musings: In My Mother's House

This morning brought forth a new routine.  A new bed and a new room to wake up in.  New things to do in the morning, new times to do them.  Of course, it was completely off schedule.  The frog princess woke up later than usual (7:20 a.m.!).  She's been beat by this past weekend courtesy of having stayed up late 2 nights in a row.  Last night at midnight, we experienced a night terror but thankfully she was back in bed within the hour. As I rushed this morning to find something to wear, shoes, a shirt, etc. I realized that this is a beginning and I am happy even if a tad bit frazzled.  And shoeless.  I am shoeless.  The big box of shoes sitting happily in the walk-in closet at the other house. Thank God I can wear flip flops to work!  I left my oatmeal on the go in a box in the living room along with Ritz crackers, lime tortilla chips and spaghetti sauce. But I think I had my sanity in my back pocket.

I came home and the bedtime routine is completely off.  Leaving the frog princess in her new room sans the fairies on the wall or her name with butterflies perched on the ends doesn't seem right.  It doesn't help that she starts wailing as not only is this a new room in a house that she is familiar with but the crib has been dropped for her safety.  I take her back into my bed.  I got bed rails to make sure she doesn't fall from my old new bed (it's a queen).  After much winking, grinning, singing and threats that I do not mean, she falls asleep. I'm beat.  But I am also hungry.

I get up out of bed and sit on the couch.  Watch a little television.  Finally, I rise from my perch and do dishes (I think something is wrong with the dishwasher that no one ever uses and I'm none too happy about this travesty).  I make my famous love pasta (wouldn't you like the recipe!).  I eat. I sit some more.

I realize I am sitting in silence.  In my mother's house.  Alone.  I don't think that's ever happened. My frog princess is asleep in what used to be my mother's room.  I cooked in her prized pots, washed dishes in the sink she also stood over.  I have a deep sense of peace about me.

Today was not an easy day but, my mother's house is once again my own.  She is tucked away in places all around this house.  The paint she picked out for the family room.  The chandeliers I bought her for Christmas one year (much to her delight).  The beautiful curtains that she made for the front living room that are exquisite, regal and simple all at the same time.  That makes me happy.  To be in my mother's house.  To  now call it my own again.

On this Monday, I am grateful for little things that are now big and for big things that I now realize are little.  How was your day?