Not Defeated


As the election raged on and emotions were high I found myself deeply thankful for all of my friends. Democrats and Republicans alike. I started thinking of what I’d say if my candidate lost. And what I’d say if he won.  When the results came in. I found myself sending love notes and thoughts of thanks to those who voted differently from me. Because with all of the mud slinging going on, I found my timelines on both Twitter and Facebook virtually mud-free. I did not feel like we were divided. Rather, I felt like we knew we needed to come together after the votes were counted. I am looking to us mamis to unite this country once again. We do everything else, right? This is my way of beginning the healing process.

MamaDweeb and I have been friends on The Twitter for quite some time now. Then, I finally got to hug her at the Niche Mommy conference. I’ve been in love with her ever since. When I saw this Tweet, I had to reach out to her.


After a little back and forth where she spoke nothing but the truth (about the president having his work cut out for him) I asked her if she would write a post to share with you all. Here is my friend Annie, who I love and respect dearly, with her own thoughts on the election.


I voted for Mitt Romney. I wanted to see change and in my research and in my heart, I decided Mitt's values aligned with my own. I haven't enjoyed watching this country experience so much frustration, struggle, and digression in the past four years. I didn't vote for Obama the first time and I exercised my blessed ability to vote this time too.

But you know what? This is not the end. This is not the beginning. This is our life, our continuing to carve out the best possible life for us and our families.  This is America and I have hope that even if our favorite candidates are not elected, we still have a powerful voice and an ability to effect real change.

As a blogger, I can create a huge movement. You know Prop 37 in California? Much of the campaigning for it was done by bloggers, writers and vloggers. Real change will occur as we vote with our dollar, educate each other with knowledgable sources and act on our beliefs with compassion towards others.

Continue to live with a purpose. No matter what happens, I respect President Obama and meanwhile I will be raising my children with my values and teaching them to live out their beliefs with empathy and passion. Will you join me? As long as we have freedoms and a voice, we can still make change!

About the author:

Annie Shultz is the owner of She lives in Kansas with her husband, 3 kids, dog cat and chickens.  She is always on Twitter @MamaDweeb and loves to chat about issues that weigh on her heart, always looking up optimistically.