Not Yo Mama's Candyland and Other Halloween Memories

This year marked the frog princess’s first Halloween!  She dressed up in homage to her nickname and lived up to the expectations.  I went through a bout of guilt for not buying an out-of-the-box costume thanks to a few comments from those near and dear to me who apparently don’t  realize that lately I’ve been hanging on by a string.  But, I digress. It was great fun.  We went to abuela’s house and she picked her first candy!  We then went home and sat outside where kids were being shuttled from neighborhood to neighborhood by a cool trolley.  Interesting tidbit: last year not a lot of kids came up to our door.  I was on bed rest so it wasn't a bad thing as I was bummed about not being able to take part in the festivities.  I didn’t think much of it because in our last neighborhood, we hardly had any kids come by.  This year, we realized that everyone sits outside in their driveway and hand out the candy as the kids walk by.  What the hell?  Are you now too lazy to walk up to my door and ring the bell? So, candy must not be that important to your Halloween life, right?  I just thought that was all kinds of odd.  I mean we already have kids that sit in front of the TV all day and play video games.  Here’s an activity that is sure to get them out of their seats and we have to tweak it for them? Why?  And while I loved the trolley idea (because my complex is kinda big) would it kill you to walk to the next neighborhood?

Is it me? Am I being a Grinch on this one?  Perhaps when my child is older I will appreciate these things but the best they can get out of me is a side eye with a touch of judgment.

While I LOVED Halloween because of the milestone, there was someone else who had a milestone of their own.  Jeff is a co-worker.  A few weeks (or maybe months) ago, he came into my office and we started talking about Halloween and parties.  He mentioned he was having a Halloween party and I thought it was pretty cool.  There was some discussion about everyone dressing up as Jeff (if you see below, you’ll notice he has a beard and we thought it would be funny to try and replicate that).  So later on he comes back in and is talking about the party.  In the midst of the discussion he mentions the word “wedding”.  Robin and I do a double take.  Huh?  Turns out that Jeff was having a Halloween and “oh and by the way, we’ll also be getting hitched” party.  I thought it was cool.

The Man was sick last week so it was touch and go for a while if we were going to go.  After realizing that my Cleopatra wig was in the costume bag I pitched last year (see blog below) I was in a funk and didn’t feel like going. But I made myself go because I knew Jeff wouldn’t let me live it down if I didn’t.  The Man refused to throw on his fabulous Marc Anthony costume (insert grumpy look here) and instead opted to go for Tupac (really?).  So off we went.  Late because we had to put the baby down first (I advised Jeff of this ahead of time) and unsure as to what we’d find.

In the parking lot we noticed costumes.  Inside, we noticed fabulosity!  It was Gingerbread heaven (or hell, depending on where you looked).  Everyone had a costume on, it was the most fun you could have imagined.  And by the way, two people got hitched.  There was no bridezilla insanity, no frenzy felt anywhere.  It was a party.  Full of joyful people in great costumes.  And a cereal bar.  That's right people! A cereal bar!  I mean really, can it get better than that?  Well I say it can't and that's why I am in love with the concept.

Shannon and Jeff have a future full of joy.  I'm sure they will have their valleys but they seem like a couple that will overcome whatever issues may arise.  With a smile on their faces.  I heard about their vows and asked Jeff to provide me a copy.  I loved them too.  I leave you with their vows below (along with a few pictures).  I also leave you with the thought that love makes everything better, pure joy makes Halloween a blast and that Jeff and Shannon reminded me that I need to lighten up and just have fun!  Life is short and every day we waste is a day we could've been dressing up, eating cereal and laughing at kick ass gingerbread men!

Ladies, gentlemen, and gingerbread folk of all ages we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of Jeff Lofvers and Shannon Gray.

But first, a complete history of their love in 45 seconds or less:  shannon and jeff met at work ______ years ago.  It says blank, because neither one can remember exactly how long their prison of a relationship has lasted.

Although jeff was apprehensive, and shannon... I’m not really sure what shannon was thinking... they seem to have made it work.  Their love joining together in their words, “like cheese and frosting”

Never has there been a greater couple in all the history of time (also their words), nor more beautiful, or more handsome.  Shannon’s shoes alone are better looking than most of the people here...

As you can tell, they wrote a lot of this.

The point is, they really like each other.

All right, we know that people have flown, driven, and walked all this way to Candyland to see a wedding, so let’s get to it.

Jeff, you sorta like this girl.  You want to keep her around for a while or what?

(groom says I do)

Shannon, one last time, are you sure you want to wake up next to this?

(bride says i do)

Then please repeat after me:

I, Jeff, do take you, shannon to be my lawfully wedded wife.  I will put up with your crap for months and maybe even years to come.  For better or worse, for richer and much much poorer, in sickness and whininess, as long as I can stand you.

I, Shannon, do take you jeff to be my lawfully wedded husband.  I will put up with you and your toys for months and maybe even years to come.  For better or worse, for richer and much much poorer, in sickness and whininess, as long as I can stand you.


The wedding ring seals the vows of marriage and will stand as a symbol of your wedded love.  An unbroken and never ending circle that just goes on and on forever, growing more repetitive each time you see it, weighing down your hand.

Jeff, take the ring which you had Shannon pick out, place it on Shannon’s finger.

Shannon, take the ring that Jeff picked out, and place it on Jeff’s finger

We have come together in Candyland and have heard the willingness of Jeff and Shannon to be joined in marriage. You all heard it.  They even marked each other with rings.

Therefore, by the power vested in me by the state of Florida and Candyland I pronounce you husband and wife.  You may kiss each other's faces.

By the way, I'm doing battle with the timing on this blog (I have no idea how I managed to mess up my publish time on WordPress).