OneNote Must Know


Disclosure: I am a Microsoft Office Ambassador. All thoughts, excitement and faded receipts are purely my own. A lot of my posts come about because I am simply too busy to want to repeat myself. If I'm honest, it's the reason I created the blog. Because I got tired of telling the story over and over again. And so, here I am, talking about OneNote. I've said these things no less than a half a dozen times in the past week and so, I knew it was time to let you all know what's the what (because obvs, you are taking a page from the Frog Princess's "this is 5" handbook and not listening to a word I'm saying).

What Is OneNote?

OneNote is my digital notebook. The keeper of my task lists (the ones that can't be found in Organizada). It holds meeting notes, meeting audios (yes, folks, you can record meetings and take notes at the same time!) and can even hold video. Best of all, it's on all of my devices and on the web. OneDrive rocks my socks, what can I say?

All Devices, Sili?!

Madam or Sir! What did I say?! Yes! Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phones, Surface, Android Tablets...etc etc etc.

Can I Drop Pictures Into OneNote?

Absoludelytudely! Better than just dropping pictures? You can use OfficeLens! 

Office Lens is a scanner in your pocket. You can use it to take pictures of things like business cards, receipts (this is necessary for tax purposes for me), notes on whiteboards or blackboards. And unlike the 32 sticky notes currently in my filing cabinet, you won’t lose track of your ideas when you capture them with Office Lens.

I'm about to start using it to keep the Frog Princess's art collection handy. It's pretty amazing. And now I can sit down with my phone and a friend and show off her talent! 

Office Lens trims, enhances and makes pictures readable. Weird angles are straightened, shadows are cleaned up and the images are automatically synced to OneNote, so you can get to them on all your devices.

When your picture includes printed text, such as a poster or business card, OneNote on a PC can recognize the text with optical character recognition (OCR) so you can search for words in the image (example: airport receipt!). You can edit the text, or copy and paste it into apps like email and documents (again: see taxes).

A year ago I could throw it in your face that it was only on Windows Phone. But now, you can getchu some of the awesome on Android and iPhone! Check out this little video:

The possibilities are endless, folks. This is the perfect way to keep all that you need, quite literally, at the tip of your fingers. 

I welcome you to try OneNote. It's FREE! It won't cost you a dime but I guarantee it'll be priceless in your arsenal of productivity and awesomeness.

As always, I invite you to take a look at the entire Office 365 Suite of products. Because OneNote is just one part of it. It ain't yo mama's Microsoft! Trust me, I'm a Mami!