Savvy Shoppers: How to Budget Your Way to a Great Summer Wardrobe


A few weeks ago I was chatting with fellow troublemakers regarding wardrobes and summer (I'm looking at you Jai and Yanira). In all the "what do I need" and "what did I get"talks, we came up with a challenge. Starting in June, we are to spend $50 a month to add key pieces to our wardrobe. We decided to start in June because Yanira blew the budget first (claiming it was her mother's day present to herself) and I quickly followed suit stating that this was my retroactive budget back to my birthday. Folks, we are already in trouble and when I say budget challenge, I think a challenge it will be.

Here are some of the digs I found in May:

Stack of Old Navy Clothes

Old Navy was good to me. Soft pants for $12.99, tanks for $2.95. I made out like a bandit despite what Yanira might say.

And if you recall, I found some sweet deals in Seattle (who can pass up great finds at a consignment store, I say).

Vintage jacket and scarf.

The Seattle trip reminded me of how great consignment stores can be so I think I'm challenging myself to spend my $50 in a consignment store this June. I'll let you know what I find!

You'll be able to track the adventure on Instagram using the #SummerSavvy hashtag. There might be some giveaways related to this in the near future so, stay tuned!

I wonder what Yanira and Jai will be picking up?