Setting Intentions and Understanding Yourself


I'm a firm believer of the soul of the Universe. Of God. Of spirit. I was raised that way with spirit flowing into homes in the same way that the clear blue waters creep up the sand during high tide. Ever since I was a child, I have had pretty good intuition. As I grew up, I was tricked into thinking that my intuition was glitchy. That it somehow had acquired a virus due to certain circumstances and could no longer be trusted.

That was a bold face lie.


As the years have passed by, I've become acutely aware of my senses. You know, the thing that people tell you that you shouldn't listen to? My faith has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to my hardships and heartbreaks. Which happens to feed my "everything happens for a reason" philosophy.

I've reached a level of transcendence that I hadn't felt before. Possibly cuz my ass is now 41 and finally learning thangs. BOOP! I said it.


Which brings me back to conversations I've continually had over the last month or so specifically around intent (both yours and others'), spiritual gifts and peace of mind.

Perhaps none of this makes sense to you. But I've just completed a bit of meditation as I prepare to set my intentions for the month and was hit with a certain level of introspection.

A great deal of times we stand in front of someone, waiting for the truth and get nothing but a lie. That could be in words or deeds. We have to make a choice then. Do we trust our gut? Do we set our intentions in such a way that we live out the peace and truth that we wish to see in the world?

I guess I have more questions than answers. But the one thing that's become clear to me is that you cannot possibly go through life exclaiming to be a good person or to have a good heart when, in fact, all intentions and deeds prove actions to the contrary. That is toxic. Not only to those around you but to your very own essence.

Which leads me back to peace. And happiness. And intent.

Jay Clap

When all is quiet, I feel an immense level of gratitude and peace. Knowing that my life is going exactly the way it was meant to. Understanding that while I might regret certain decisions in principle, I do not regret where I was led.

I wish nothing but good for the world. It is needed, don't you think? But I have a deeper understanding that I cannot send out good if my heart is not set to good intentions. And also: that good will not return. Not the honest good that we want and deserve. It comes back tainted. As if it's been touched by hands that first touched coal.

As you get through your own spiritual awakening you will be able to see a little better. No, you're still gonna need Lasik for that 30/40 vision. But you will no longer need to trust anything else other than your own gut and spiritual gifts to make decisions about your surroundings.

When you reach that point, a veil will be lifted from your eyes and you will see others in a different light. More importantly, you will see yourself differently. That's the important part.

Do you set intentions for you life?