Soulful Sunday: Helping Teen Moms Get #Ready4Baby

Eons ago I did my clinical internship at this school called the BETA Center. It's a place where pregnant teens could find refuge and assistance. I counseled girls there. Girls in different stages of life but all who were either already mothers or ready to be.

I distinctly remember when one of my girls was out after giving birth. I had the task of doing a home visit. To that home visit, I took a brown paper bag filled with some necessities. Onesies, diapers, blankets, socks, hats. All the little things that a baby might need.

I wish I'd had more to give her then. And I have never forgotten her or her baby girl. I've never forgotten her promises of finishing school and making it to college.

Fast forward to now. I have the extreme privilege of working with a brand like Pampers who gives me the opportunity to do positive things in the community. This time around, as part of their #BetterforBaby campaign, I'll be dropping off diapers and handmade quilts to the BETA Center shortly. That campaign is inspired by this video:

But the #BetterforBaby video also inspired an idea: #Ready4Baby. Titi Q had this idea of making this bigger and I hope that you will join us as we do.

Let's help moms get #ready4baby!

We've set up an Indie GoGo campaign to help raise money in order to help even more families!

Donations will help build a #Ready4Baby Bag for an expecting teen mother This will include some of the essentials that every new mother should have: onesies, newborn swaddlers, baby books, socks, burp cloths, and baby toiletries.

Your support will help us show these new moms the beauty of family and community.