5 Suggestions for Spirit Week at School


There was too much sappiness when I wrote about school the other day. I heard folks cried. While I'm happy about that (I keep a crying spreadsheet. For good cries, not bad ones. I get a special badge made when I make people cry bad cries.), I believe in the Yin and Yang of things and so, I offer some suggestions here regarding the end of school. Specifically, spirit week. Whose idea was it to have spirit week at the end of the year?! We're tired, you're tired. It serves no one! I'd like to offer some suggestions to facilitate the last week of the school year. You're welcome!

Here's my list for "Spirit" Week:

  1. Bring a stuffed animal to school day: this will require someone to pick one up from the rug she has refused to clear of toys all week.
  2. Wear a shirt that is clean day: because it's the end of the year and I'm still salty we don't have some damn uniforms. How about you all teach kids how to do laundry on this day, too? What ever happened to home economics? Bring it back!
  3. Superhero Day: in which a kid can wear a shirt with their favorite superhero on it. Be it Black Panther or Harry Potter. Or perhaps that shirt from last year's spirit week that the computer teacher worked on with the kids. The one that you had to hunt for because a plain white shirt wasn't good enough for him and all the green shirts were sold out at your local Michael's stores but you found it and realized that instead of some cool transfer or some art work that the kids worked on, he just made a shirt with your kid's face on it because, let's face it, he was tired too.
  4. Throwback Thursday: kids bring their favorite fundraiser item that their parent bought 3k of during the year. A pile is created, a photo is taken and the class with the smallest pile gets to take the other piles home.
  5. ANYTHING BUT PAJAMA DAY! Because it's May and my child has grown 5 inches in the last two weeks and requires new pajamas and ohmaigaah! I need to make another trip to Target which means I will spend approximately $1,622 (give or take, depending what's in the $1 section) on a new pair of jammies that I will have to throw out because Hayzeus be a tumble cycle! Jammies weren't made to withstand physical activity at an elementary school with playground equipment from 1935.

With regards to #2, who do I talk to about making that happen?!

I'm legit typing this from my bed as I ponder how long I have to lie here before I have to get up and whether or not it's enough time for me to come up with all the parts and pieces needed to create a transporter so I don't have to get in the car for drop off. In my jammies. Without doing my hair.

Anyone else feeling this way?