Summer Activities for Kids: Think Earth!


I am always looking for worksheets, books and supplemental materials to reinforce whatever the Frog Princess is learning and to expose her to new ideas. Summer Learning for Kids: Think Earth!

When I found an email about Think Earth in my inbox, I did a little shoulder shimmy. I like to find new ways of explaining concepts. I am hoping it helps her with perspective and helps me with learning her learning style. We all have our own and I am making it my mission to get hers down so that I can support her as best I can.

The Think Earth Environmental Education Foundation is a leading non-profit provider of environmental education for primary and secondary schools, now publishing its award-winning curriculum online.

You can now access units (for K, 1st and 2nd grades) on natural resources, pollution and sustainability to name a few. FOR FREE. Check out the worksheets here.

Since summers are about exploring and Montessori has built a great foundation for science, this fits right in to our home activities. I find that it helps me provide her the practical lesson but also helps her continue to grow as a steward of this planet. The Frog Princess is more and more conscious of things like recycling, conserving energy and water and not littering.

Think Earth gives us a way to continue those lessons in a fun way. I'm looking forward to introducing my girl to Think Earth.

What fun things are you guys learning this summer?