Super Mami And Self-Care


Disclosure: I am an ambassador for KYOTCs. All thoughts and opinions are purely my own. I write this late at night as I feel a tickle in my throat. All the thoughts pop up:

What have I been doing for myself? When was the last time I worked out? Did I have breakfast this morning?

Seriously folks.

Full disclosure: I have been running back and forth to doctors these last 8-10 weeks. Lots of testing, lots of un-Googling of symptoms and a ton of reassessment.

Why don't we take care of ourselves? My coach, Mia Redrick, speaks on the subject in her book Time For Mom-Me and mentions the motherhood blueprint. The gist of it? Did you ever see your Mami practice self-care? If  not then it's something that you need to learn for yourself. It's a new habit you must develop.


The closest thing I saw was Mami and their girlfriends doing their nails and drinking cheap wine on a Friday or Saturday night. But the kids were there. And they were sometimes attacking any number of our projects all at once. Was it really self-care? I don't think so.

For me, self-care these last few weeks has come in the form of making appointments and going to them. Listening to my body. Let me repeat that. Listening. To. My. Body.

That's meant sitting my behind down when I don't feel well. It's meant coming to terms with the severity of my endometriosis and understanding that when I am not feeling well, nothing goes right. Why do we fight that? I'm not Super Mami!

Check out these 3 tips from Dr. Swanson:

Dr. Swanson! You don't know me! You don't know my life! Why is she speaking to everything I do?! Does she have cameras in my house? Let me go check.

I've had such a hard time sleeping lately. And maybe a certain cardiologist mentioned that he wanted me to work out recently. Why are doctors all up in my business telling me the truth?!


I feel like I'm running. All. The. Time. And none of it is for self-care. I have to work on that. This week, I went to a doctor's appointment. But, I was 2 days early. Yeah. THAT happened.


I love that I can look at my OneNote and see things I've jotted down, that I can use my calendar to keep track of things (side note: make sure if appointments change you change it in your calendar!) and that I can reference cites like Know Your OTC's to look up information about ingredients in over-the-counter meds or how to read the drug facts label correctly given all of the hoopla currently happening at the Mami 'hood.

But carving up time to sit and read a book is important. Ensuring that I have a little time away from the Frog Princess so I can relax, is important. Yes, staying organized means a lot. Keeping myself healthy and doing things that will feed my body and soul are things that I now understand are non-negotiable.

This is a start to self-care. Another thing that I've done? Notifications are off on my phone for social media. I found that the constant dinging and buzzing, even though I wasn't checking them immediately, grates a nerve inside of me and breaks my concentration. Part of lowering my stress is having less things that capture my attention when I'm working on a specific project.

Tell me, is self-care something that you saw practiced in your home? Do you make it a habit to practice self-care for yourself?