7 Must Have's for Mami's Makeup Bag


[box type="shadow" ]Disclosure: I received samples of these products.[/box] Do you have a mother's day gift yet? No worries if you don't. I'm thinking a little gift basket or small bag with some good ol' fashion cosmetics might do the trick for ya.

When I don't want to have makeup but want makeup (if you're not a girl, you might not understand that statement so, just roll with me), I dig the following products. I have them in my bag and feel safe knowing that I have a small arsenal at the ready. I think Mamis everywhere would appreciate this.

The Eyes Have It

The first thing your Mami needs is some Eyes by To Go Spa. You've probably seen me on Instagram with these bad boys on (the kid likes to wear them too). It's like a little spa day for those bags she's been carrying around. If your Mami is anything like me, she'll slap these on and then get so chillax she'll fall asleep. Yes and yes, my friends! With Green Tea and Pomegranate added to their selection, all I can say is take one and pass it down! ($25 for 6 treatments)


HS Brightening Eye PerfectorI first heard about Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Brightening Eye Perfector from Yanira and I was all "I gotta have it!". I like to use this even when I'm not wearing full-on make up because it really does what it says: brightens my eyes. And really, that's what we all need!  ($11.99)



I dig the Crease Proof Eye Shadow because it gives you a little pop all on its own or you can layer it with other shadows for a more dramatic effect. ($8.49)

Healthy Volume Mascara is good on the go. You get great lashes in no time and the olive nourishes your lashes while you look fabu. ($7.49)

Urban Decay's summer collection is out and about. I am a fan of black and thus find myself slightly drawn to Ink for Eyes. Not being fantastic at applying the eyeliner, this marker-like, felt-tip waterproof liquid eyeliner glides on smooth for me and makes me look like I actually know what I'm doing. ($20.00)

The Skin She's In

Though I use the skin clearing formula, I think that Neutrogena's  Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup is also a good option. Your color selection might be slightly limited based on your shade though. ($12.49)

Read My LipsMoistureSmooth Color Stick Pic 2

After realizing I had little (to no) lipsticks, I have been slightly intrigued by making sure I have color on my smoochers. Neutrogena's MoistureSmooth Color Stick works well and lives up to its name, Be sure to get it in Sweet Watermelon because that's my fave. ($8.49)

It's In the Bag

All you have to do now is wrap it all up in a nice little makeup bag and voila! You are done, my friend. I am partial to this Vera Bradley small cosmetic bag* but they have all kinds to choose from. Amazon can get it to you buy tomorrow if you have Prime (and why wouldn't you?).



You can thank me later.

Disclosure: I received the cosmetics to review and liked them enough to put them in this post. The cosmetic bag link is an Amazon affiliate link for yours truly.