It's the Shot@Life #BirthdayBash!


I've been quiet all week because there's so much going on. Yikes! All good things, though. The big thing this week? Shot@Life is celebrating its first birthday and it's also World Immunization Week! How awesome is that?

I've recently been selected as a Shot@Life Champion and I am happy to report I'm making friends all over the place! Today, in honor of Shot@Life's first birthday, I want to introduce you to a Champion across the pond.  Her name is Courtney and I have had the pleasure of meeting her through this cause. I am looking forward to making great friendships as we band together to help educate, connect and empower others to champion vaccines as one of the most cost-effective ways to save the lives of children in developing countries.

Why did you get involved?

In my work for several non-profit groups, I have traveled to a number of developing countries and visited health clinics and rural areas where I saw children who were suffering from preventable illnesses such as dehydration. I met their parents and will never forget them - these mothers and fathers want to give their children a chance to live healthy lives just like all parents….but huge challenges often stand in their way.   There’s nothing more heart-breaking as a parent than watching your child suffer any pain, or witnessing them fight an illness – especially a preventable one. What if there is no access to medical facilities and preventive care? What so many of us consider standard and preventive care is a faraway dream for so many children and families in the world.

I feel fortunate that my sons have access to great medical and preventive care - and through Shot@Life we can all support the millions of sons and daughters around the world that also deserve that “shot at life”. Expanding access to vaccines can prevent an additional 1.5 million deaths a year. We can all help make that happen.

Tell me about the Shot@Life Champions:

I attended the Shot@Life training and meeting in Washington DC earlier this year – during which I spent time on Capitol Hill meeting with Congressional staffers about the importance of vaccines.  I have also written about the campaign and encouraged my friends, family members and network to join and learn more about the issue. By visiting the website you can learn more about ways to get involved and spread the word in your community.

Why Shot@Life?

I think the Shot@Life movement is a great one because it is serious and urgent but also accessible and easy to understand and join.  Immunizations make sense – scientifically, medically, economically – and morally.  I think all children should have the opportunity to live, to pursue their dreams and to reach their innate potential without fear or preventable barriers. By supporting shot@life we can help more children to have those opportunities. Shot@Life combines the practical arguments and facts with human compassion, connectedness and action.  Everyone can be a part of this movement.

Check out Courtney's adorableness:

You can find some of Courtney's musings over at The Sunny Side of the Road and wherever else her words might take her.

For more information about Shot@Life's Birthday Bash check out their blog. Want to read up on more Champions and how you can help? Follow the chatter on Twitter and check out the #BirthdayBash hashtag or head on over to Facebook and see what the buzz is all about.