Scandalous Fashion!

I watch Scandal. I love Scandal. Part of me feels like I shouldn't but, I do. It's only one of two shows that I am committed to watching (Criminal Minds being the other). When the season premier was on a few weeks ago, my Twitter timeline filled up with talk of Olivia's wardrobe. Can you blame them? Olivia Pope is probably the best dressed movie on a TV series (is that an awards category somewhere because if not, it should be!).


I too have been drooling over eyeing Ms. Pope's threads. She is business sophisticated, always. Dressing in shades of white, especially when she's doing good and wearing the "white" hat.

That first episode that showcased her wearing the white workout jacket? Tell me you didn't wonder where she got it from and I'll call you a liar! And what about that double breasted white trench coat? It was everything! After reading approximately seven tweets where people wondered about that jacket, I was inspired to create this collection.

While the twists and turns in the plot definitely keep me tuned in, I am going to confess that the wardrobe eye candy certainly keeps me smiling during the show.  And now, I can infiltrate my own closet with shades of Pope since I know where to get the pieces from.

Tonight is Thursday so it means that it's Gladiator time. I will once again be eyeing Olivia's new digs and making sure my Scandalous Collection is updated appropriately.

From watches to home decor, I have managed to create ridiculously fabulous collections for myself (and I'm pretty proud of that thankyouverymuch). Be sure to follow along!

I will be very busy trying to stop myself from making purchases this Fall lest I cause my own Scandal with my bank account.

My eBay Collections were curated as part of my collaboration with eBay and Style Coalition #FOLLOWITFINDIT