Experience Rustic Family Luxury at Migis Lodge {#MamisatMigis}

Disclosure: I received a complimentary stay at Migis Lodge. All opinions, as always are my own. Autumn in New England is simply breathtaking, and if you’re looking to experience the abundant beauty of this ever-changing season, Migis Lodge on Sebago Lake is the perfect family destination, not only in autumn but throughout the summer.


Nestled amid 125 acres of wondrous pine forest 45 minutes from Portland, Migis provides it’s guests with a blissful lakefront vacation, a variety of activities and rustic yet luxurious cottage accommodations. This “hidden gem” is perfect for families seeking to escape tense crowded city streets who find enjoyment relaxing fireside, on the sandy shores of the picturesque Sebago Lake with rocky coasts or perhaps reading a book lakeside. Though there are daily activities such as cruises around the lake or hiking, what I enjoyed most about our vacation at Migis (pronounced my-gyss) was standing on our cottage’s deck in the morning, the crisp air cool on my face, though slightly warmed by a low fire in the living room and closing my eyes. I heard sounds of birds in the distance, chipmunks rustling in the leaves and smelled rich pine trees and fresh unfiltered air and I was still. Migis allowed me to be still in the most magnificent location away from congested city streets. It’s no wonder the area was named Migis which means “place to steal away to rest”.

Migis Lake

We were excited to visit Migis during Columbus Day weekend, which was also their closing weekend for the year, and view some of the best foliage in the area. Stepping out of our cottage, Bittersweet, we were instantly wrapped in glorious shades of olive, hints of flaming red, burnt orange and saffron. The vast property includes 34 cottages with names like Sunset, Firefly, Blue Heron, Cliffside and Cobblestone which can accommodate couples to large families. The Maine Lodge which houses the main office and dining room also has six deluxe rooms available for rental. Be sure to leave your cell phones in your cottage before going to eat – cell phones aren’t allowed in the dining room and it was great to hear the sounds of people chatting and laughing with one another and not the constant ring and chirp of phones.

Migis Cabin

Migis Fireplace

Our spacious cottage was perfect for our family of three and included a large living room with a fireplace, bedroom with two queen beds, a mini fridge and a delightful front porch. We spent the blustery cold Maine nights cozying up by the fire enjoying the peace and quiet. I instantly felt at home in our cottage and enjoyed the smell of the fire, fresh flowers in the living room and high wooden ceilings. You won’t find a big screen TV at Migis – instead a modest sized one with bountiful shelves of books next to the fireplace.

I asked my daughter what her favorite part about our trip was and it didn’t take long for her to answer. She was tied between kayaking and playing tennis. Once you see the lake glistening in between the trees it’s hard to not want to go jump in – and surprisingly the water didn’t feel as cold as we thought for early October – but we didn’t jump in. Instead we took advantage of the kayaks available for use and explored Migis from a different view. The lake was gorgeous and the sun shone brightly on us as we slowly paddled near the shore. There are also canoes, rowboats, and paddleboards available at no additional charge.

Migic Kayak

Migis has three full-sized tennis courts with amazing views of Sebago Lake and rackets and balls for rental. It was our first time playing tennis together, and it couldn’t have been in a better place, as chipmunks were running across the court and the sun was setting. Though we both have to practice serving! There is a large fitness center next to the double tennis court, and during the summer and fall season they offer yoga, stretching and pilates classes.

During the weekend, Migis offered two meals at Cookout Point – an outdoor area where meals are served during the season. All the same deliciousness of the dining room was experienced with picnic table’s lakeside. It was a camp-like experience as guests lined up to get their silver trays and check out what was cooking on the large chalkboard. With yummy lunch offerings like tandoori chicken, lobster claws, hamburgers and breakfast options like eggs any style, blueberry pancakes and bacon from the “bacon boss” Migis will keep you happy and full! An afternoon snack was also offered from 3-5 pm in the Main Lodge and included coffee, tea and yummy pastries.

Migis Collage

Our warm days at Migis were full of hospitable good-humored staff who were genuine and accommodating. Scott, the night manager on duty when we arrived late Saturday accompanied us to our cabin and made us a pb&j sandwich as a late night snack. Our weekend was filled with many outdoors activities including a cruise around Sebago Lake on the Lodge's comfortable Tykona boat, hikes around the property capturing shots of beautiful flowers, lounging under trees, colorful sunsets and time with my amazing family. Migis was the family vacation we needed, but didn't know existed.

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They are already taking reservations for their 2015 season which runs Sunday, June 21 to Tuesday, October 13. We’re looking forward to summer at Migis and jumping into the lake and taking a go waterskiing and tubing. Migis is an unmistakably great destination for a rustic outdoor family vacation.

For more information on Migis and to book your family's next vacation visit: http://www.migis.com/.

Disclosure: I was provided accommodations at Migis in order to experience the lodge and write a review. All thoughts and opinions are purely my own.