Princesses Play Video Games


This is part of my #TeachHerTuesday series.

Bedtime chat is probably one of my favorite times with my girl. Yes, sometimes we talk well past her bedtime because I'm a sucker for the things she says.

Frog Princess: Mami, sometimes I feel like I have an invisible crown on my head.

Me: that's because you do.

Frog Princess: really?

Me: yes. you're a princess, after all.

Frog Princess: are you sure. I mean, I don't think princesses like to play video games.

And here is where I have to sit back on my feminist haunches and think quick. I've called her a princess since she could hold up her own head. For me, the meaning is beyond the frills that we see on TV. It speaks to her place on God's earth because  she is His child. It speaks to her place in her parents' hearts.

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But beyond that, just as I am redefining the word "mamihood" for my child, I hope to redefine the word "princess". So I continue.

Me: excuse me?! Do you play video games?

Frog Princess: yes.

Me: are you a princess?

Frog Princess: yes.

Me: so that means that princesses do play video games. End of story! Princess are and can do whatever they like!

Princesses Play Video Games

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In the recesses of my mind I wonder how much trouble I'm causing. How much of this might lead to entitlement. I like to think that I ground her. That we have compassionate conversations as well as empowering ones and that they are rarely mutually exclusive.

Prior to this coming up, she told me she didn't want to go to middle school because teenagers were mean. Not entirely sure where she made this assessment as we are rarely, if ever, around teens. I explained that was sometimes true but that teens were sometimes going through a hard time and they had a weird way of showing it. Long story short: she demanded that I home school her when she's older. I told her I'd be holding her to it. And she told me that even if she forgot, I was supposed to run with this request.

That got us into a journaling discussion and, of course, she'll be getting her own journal this week.

All in a night's work. The chat ended with a stern "it's past your bedtime" from me and lot of sleepy hand grabs and touches, kisses and declarations of love. From the both of us.

And all because princesses play video games and Mamis validate their daughter's worth.

What bedtime conversations capture your mind and your heart?

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Of Kindergarten and Kisses


Dear Frog Princess, We got through your first day of Kindergarten and wow! I have no words. I'm still in shock that I have a Kindergartener in the house. How did that happen?!

We also just got back from our first Mami/Frog Princess vacation. Can I tell you that it was exhausting? Can I tell you it was magical? You had such a great time. Don't believe me? Look!


Things About You This Week

  • You have been nervous about going into the classroom with the big kids and told me you might be "shy" around them.
  • On your first day, you got a big piece of paper where you drew things about yourself but you did not finish. You worried about not being done and wondered if you had to finish it at home and bring it back to school. I tried to reassure you that it would be okay and if your teacher needed it back, we would send it but that you weren't going to get in trouble.
  • You've been a little anxious about missing things or not getting things done. Sometimes I get concerned. You're so hard on yourself in spite of my words of comfort. I want to know how to coax that anxiety out of you and promise that this year, I will work hard to help you through this.
  • When you got home from your FIRST DAY of Kindergarten, you asked for a nectarine for a snack. As you were eating it you told me your tooth hurt a bit. I went to look have a wiggly tooth! Correction: you have TWO wiggly teeth. And I don't think I'm ready for it.
  • You are excited about music class but told me that you are very much looking forward to art class. You are such an artist!
  • For some reason, you are worried about reading. This causes me great pains because of my love of books. I don't want you to be nervous. I want you to take many journeys through the pages of the books that will land in your hands.
  • You love cuddling and schedule it in whenever you think we're not doing it enough. Also high on the list? Kisses!


Every day I look at you and I'm filled with amazement. How did I get so lucky to have you as my child?

Several times you've told me that when you were in heaven, you picked me to be your mom and you can't imagine anyone else being your Mami. I love that. Thank you for picking me.

Here's to a fantastic year! I know you will grow by leaps and bounds and I am proud of you already because I know you'll have great accomplishments.

Love you to the sun and back at least 309 times (times infinity),

Your Mami