It's Bloggy Bootcamp Day

Last spring I decided that I would go to a conference.  Because of the proximity, and because of the fact that one of my other bloggy friends was going to be going, I decided to head on over to Atlanta for Bloggy Boot Camp. In the months that followed I made social media friends. And everyone seemed to know these SITS chicks! The best thing for me was that SITS Girls always felt like a community. And I'm not just saying that.  The first blogger that I honed in on when I started blogging was The Mommyologist. I was truly surprised at her engagement with me and I have been eternally grateful for that. It's why I crush on her, don't you know?

But, the community that caught my attention and my heart were the SITS Girls. I always felt like they were here to help and I could go on their site and read up on whatever topic I needed to learn about. And within that community, I felt like others were very responsive. I don't know about you but, I learned a long time ago in the corporate world that it's all about relationship (whether people realize it or not).

I ended up going to Atlanta by myself in October. I almost did not go as I had lost my job in September. But, I'm so glad I did! I can honestly say that it opened up my eyes to the reality of what I could accomplish.  Up until then, writing full time and possibly being able to support myself had been a dream. And I had no clue how I was going to accomplish it.

Bloggy Boot Camp gave me ideas, tools and most importantly, it gave me a feeling of belonging to a tribe. I love that!  When I went to BlissDom a few weeks ago, my favorite thing was running into my BBCATL gals including Shell,  Ashley, Anne, Jamee, Tiffany and Bernice.

This conference is great NOT just because there's a cute pic of me on their home page from the Mirassou party. I think BBC is a great first conference for those bloggers that are looking to get out of their writing funk, that are feeling alienated or that are looking to see what this "world" is all about.

social media conferences for women-bloggy boot camp

As an alumni, I'm looking to get a chance to talk to those women that I didn't get to connect with at BlissDom, meet some gals that I have connected with on The Twitter since the last conference and milk the conference for all of the bloggy goodness that it has!

I feel as excited about going to Bloggy Boot Camp this year as I did last. Except that this year I know exactly what I am in for. Or not! I'm also looking forward to the new surprises that the girls are going to throw my way. I know it's coming because that's how they roll.

Let the record show that I have no idea how I'm going to get there but, my dream is to party it up and get down with my crew in Vegas.  And who might my crew be? That's the beauty of BBC! My crew is going to be whoever shows up to learn, connect and relate.

But I'm going to tell you right this minute: I may not be able to blog about it.  What is it they say about what happens in Vegas? Now, who's in?