Setting the Chips On the Table


I have the privilege of being one of the Risers taking over 25,000 signatures to Congress today to let them know that so many are in support of the passing of the Children's Health Insurance Program Extension Act of 2014.

It is a humbling experience and I wish I could call each and every person that signed  the MomsRising petition and thank them by name. This is a great thing for our nation's children. Since it first went into effect in 1997, CHIP has helped reduce the number of uninsured children by half. That's such a good thing. But that can all change next year. Funding for CHIP will expire in 2015 unless Congress votes to extend it. If Congress doesn't act, millions of children could lose health care coverage next year. 

I love the idea that so many of us agree on this matter. That polls show that Americans from all walks of life and across the political spectrum overwhelmingly support CHIP. Because it means that our children matter to us. Each and every one. Today, more than 8 million children rely on CHIP for health insurance. Kids are being covered. The frog princess is one of those kids which makes this delivery extra special. Having a child with febrile seizures makes you appreciate insurance coverage that much more.

Support_CHIPWe are both in Washington, D.C. for this important moment in time. I hope that you will join me in raising your voice for this cause. I will be live tweeting as I go along. So will my colleagues. Our delivery will take place on 11/18 between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. Check out the #CHIPWorks hashtag and follow along. 

Also, can you pick up the phone and make a quick call for me? Call your Senators at 855-976-1858 and tell them to look for the package from MomsRising members. Don't forget to let them know that you support the passing of Senate bill 2461 and would like them to support it as well.

We are delivering stories, signatures, playing cards that folks have sent in with special messages as to why CHIP matters to them and a very special poker chip to hand out. This chip lays it out in very simple terms. 


We are (literally and figuratively) setting the chips on the table and in no uncertain terms letting our leaders know that they are not to gamble with our kids! I hope you'll stand with me, no matter where you are, as we deliver this message. Make a call, send out a tweet (or 5). Your voice is powerful and together, our voices are amplified into a roar that cannot be ignored.

Sample Tweets:

Tweet: Funding for CHIP will expire next year unless Congress votes to extend it. #CHIPWorks Tweet: CHIP is also used by many working families when employer coverage isn’t available. #CHIPWorks Tweet: More than 8 million children rely on CHIP for their health coverage. #CHIPWorks Tweet: Healthy children have the opportunity to grow and thrive, be productive members of their families and our communities. #CHIPWorks


If you want to see what we're up to, check out the MomsRising Facebook album.